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I ended up falling asleep upon falling on the bed. I didn't even get a chance to choose a book from my bookshelf or a movie from Netflix.

I stretch out on the bed after my nap, before checking the time. Well it's still Monday, 9:00 PM. Jess is probably up, I guess I should thank her for letting me sleep.

I walk down the stairs to see the TV on. The show "Castle" playing softly. Jess is watching on the couch and holding up her hands to her mouth.

 "Yo, how long you been watching TV?" I asked. 

Jess almost jumps a foot up off the couch. "I...I...not too long. Don't worry. You rested well?"

"Yeah, I did. Now off to bed with you because your work is early again," I commanded in my older sister voice. "And, no your cute faces will not work on me tonight."

"Nope," she said and pets the couch letting me know to sit down next to her. "I have something important to tell you. I was this close to waking you up."

"You got five minutes."  I decide not to sit but lay down with my head falling on her knees. "What's up? Did you dream about having Tyler for yourself all weekend or something?"

She starts laughing. "Well, that would actually be a reality. Tyler stopped by today, he wants to have dinner with me, you, and David. Helen is going away with the kids for the weekend."

At the mention of David, I felt my heart become a brick wall. "David is busy with cases. It will probably be next to impossible, besides I still don't know what will happen to me after the case is over."

That is when she started grinning. I swear if she was an animated character, she would have her eyes popping out. "David has it bad for you. Tyler told me so you're not going anywhere and he's not going anywhere."

"What?" I yelled.

"Yap, I had the same reaction when I heard. Tyler asked me not to say anything, but you know that I don't hide anything from you.  Oh, so try to hide it, that I told you. David's last relationship ended bad, so he's going to take things slow with you. So after your case is over, Friday night dinner? Saturday? I'm open!" Jess said with a smile.

"I'll think about it, Jess. Now, come on, let's go to bed." I said.

"Wait." Jess's expression changes. She picks up a folded paper from the table next to the couch and hands it to me.

My eyes widen, it's a letter from her mother.

"Damn, and I thought we didn't have to talk to Jim so soon." I shake my head. "We will deal with this later, Jess. Both of us need rest, okay?"

Jess nodded and goes upstairs to sleep.

I lay back down and look at the ceiling. David likes me? Well, we did kiss, but you never know nowadays about men and if they actually like you if they kiss you. My mind is more at ease, but I can't help but worry still.


Before she starts her shift we make up our minds to go together to hear her mother's will on Thursday morning. Thursday, Jess starts work at 3:00 PM so the morning is the best time. After that, I head over to talk to my professors about the classes. I let them know about the situation I'm in and I take missed assignments home. They told me that it's okay to take the rest of the week off from classes. I also told them that I'm still doing the internship and going to be present in court on Wednesday during David's Court.

I decide not to shop and head straight to David's office to see if I should dress differently to court, what papers and files I should bring with me, and how many backups I should have. I walk up the stairs and stop right outside the door. Someone is yelling. I shake my head and walk in.

A beautiful woman in a really expensive suit and jewelry stands, looking at David and the door. David has his back turned to me, but he quickly turns around and nods to show that he will be with me soon.

The woman ignores me. "David! You really need to pick up your phone. I want to get back together. You're the best man that I've dated and I want to give it another shot. Why are you ignoring my advances?"

David shakes his head at her and my heart starts to hurt.

What if he takes her back, what if Tyler misunderstood?

"Mary Bell, We have been over for a year now. I'm not getting back together with you. I like someone else. Please leave. I need to get ready for court," David said this in an even tone without budging from his stance or changing his demeanor.

So this was his last relationship? With a woman with class? Someone that could spend money on really nice things?

"I have been trying to contact you for the past couple of months!" Mary Bell yelled.

"If you don't leave, I'll call the police for disturbing the peace. My answer will always remain no. Now leave Mary Bell, I have court." David tried being civil.

I find it amazing of how he looks directly into her eyes and his gaze does not travel over her body like any sane man's would.

"You will never find anyone better than me," Mary Bell said.

"I already did," David said and walked to the door.

He opened it and Mary Bell stomped her feet on her way out. David closes the door, locks it, and closes the blinds. He sighs and walks up to me.

David is taller than me, did I mention that?

He rests his head on my right shoulder. "I'm sorry that you had to see that." His voice sounded tired, angry and sad.

I just wrapped my arms around him. 

The End

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