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I was saved by the bell!

Jess snaps her fingers. “I forgot, I ordered one pepperoni pizza and one everything on it pizza.”

She runs off to open the door.

What do I do? I open the cabinet, pour myself a shot of whiskey and then another. She should have told me before. Before the nightmares, the real reason behind them. Damn it! She said all this when our life had turned to hell.

Everything was getting better. New job for her, less of Jason and now…people are dead or in jail. And I actually stabbed a guy, her brother to be exact. If all this doesn’t turn me into an alcoholic, I would think my life is complete. I was also saved by the bell from talking about David…but that was short lived.

Jess came back into the kitchen with two large pizza boxes.

I put away the whiskey and lock the cabinet again. She knows not to bring it up. She was the only one to drink before, and I drank before her and now I am drinking again while she's staying sober. Please let the cycle end.

She takes out two plates, two glasses, and orange juice from the fridge while I get the napkins.

“So tell me about David. He seems to be thinking about your well being since he sent you home,” Jess said and piles her plate with three pieces of everything on it pizza.

“Yes and it's weird. We hardly know each other, yet he saved me twice. I slept over in his office, then his house. He's sweet and flirts a lot. Also, I think he finds me amusing.” I owe her not to keep bottled up because she told me her secret.

“It just means you two are compatible,” Jess said.

I roll my eyes and finish my slice of pepperoni. The only pizza that I do like.

“It doesn’t help, that I was the one to cross the line between boss and an employee,” I added.

“Have you two talked about what you two are?” Jess asked.

Nice way of avoiding her problems by talking about mine. 

“No, we didn’t. I got him a gift and he accepted it, but I don't know what we are. The case I am working for him is going to be over, hopefully on Wednesday. I don’t want it to drag out or I would be thinking too much of both positions. After that, he has a choice of letting me go or keeping me for another case. If he lets me go, I need to find another lawyer to work under. Thanks to my grades it won’t be a problem but then, I don’t know what happens," I explained. 

“So would it be a good thing for him to not hire you? No crossed lines then,” Jess said.

“Will he let me go because he likes me or that I'm not a good lawyer?” I run my fingers through my hair and feel horrible. 

“You're a great lawyer, top of your class, Em. I think he likes you,” Jess said.

“And if he lets me stay, that would mean that he only sees me as an employee.” I get up. “I’m going to bed early. I’ll read a book or watch a movie. I want to be alone. Bug me if you need help with something.”

I don’t wait for her response and leave.

The End

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