Tyler POV

I walked in the diner and saw Jess at the front, she smiled when she noticed me. She seated me in a booth near the back of the diner, as she went to ask if she could take her break.

It was so hard to keep myself from thinking of her, even in her uniform she was sexy. I questioned myself as to what I was even doing here today. I didn't want to hurt her knowing that it could never be more then this, friends. Helen was getting even more suspicious then ever, and I hated sneaking around. It was hard for her the phantom the idea of me having female friends.

Jess was different though, she was pure and innocent in my eyes. She was young and I knew this, but there was a force that pulled me to her. Not just the physical, but mentally I felt connected to her in a way I never have with anyone. I couldn't let her know how I felt, I had to be the one to make sure we didn't cross the line.

"Hey!" Jessica announced when she returned to the table.

I smiled up at her, "Hey hows your day so far?"

" It's good, much busier then night shift, " she laughed.

That smile drove me crazy and all I wanted to do was reach over and grab her hand, but that would be inappropriate. We had a quick lunch and I let her get back to work. I needed to get back to the store in case Helen stopped by, I felt like a child having to check in with her all the time. Then my phone rang, and of course it was her right on time.

"Yes Helen what is it?" I asked

"Where are you? I stopped by the store and your not here," she scoffed.

"Yes dear I was grabbing a bite to eat, I will be there in a few," I sighed.

"You were with her weren't you?" she accused.

"Helen I don't have time for this now, " I raised my voice and hung up.

Back to Jessica POV

After Tyler left my shift sailed by, and before I knew it Em pulled up outside to pick me up. Wow 4:00 PM already, I clocked out and climbed in the car.

"Here I got you something," she smiled.

I opened the purple gift bag and saw a beautiful purple sun dress.

"Oh I love it! Thank you," I said to here excited.

"How was work?" she asked.

"It was good, Tyler came by for lunch" I said with some happiness

Em looked like she wanted to tell me something when I mentioned Tyler's name, but never did. She dropped me off at home, and then was going over to David's house.

"Can we talk when you get back?" I ask her as I get out of the car.

"Yes anytime Jess, " she told me and then drove off.

I was walking up to the door when I saw Helen pull into her drive way, I waived but she just shot me a dirty look. I went inside to change out of my diner uniform, and went back outside. It was a beautiful day, and I needed to decide how to tell Em about the horrible past I had been living with. I almost changed my mind due to all the other drama going on, but I needed to get it off my chest once and for all.

I heard a car and looked up, Em was back early hope everything was OK. She joined me on the porch swing, and we swayed back and forth together. I slid the box of my mother's things to the side, I would look at them later in my room. She said David had insisted she go home and have some me time, and they would see each other again Wednesday.

"So what is it you wanted to tell me?" Em asked after moments of silence.

I bit my lip, "Well you know when you lived with your foster family the Jansen's? I asked nervously.

"Yeah of course we were in our first year of high school," she reminded me.

"Well Mr. Jansen...he.. I wanted to tell you...but I?" I was having a hard time letting it out. I had never actually said it out loud again.

A sudden shock flushed Em's face, "He what Jess?"

"Well it's just he said if I told he would make sure they remove you and I would never see you again." I spoke fast.

"WHAT DID HE DO?" she asked me through her teeth.

I starred at the ground and the tears poured from my face. I couldn't believe I had kept this bottled up inside for so long, and I wasn't sure bringing it up was a good idea. I had trained my brain to forget it, but all this crap going on brought the nightmares back to me.

"Oh god the nightmares you use to have, it was because of him," her voice was sharp.

"Are you mad I didn't tell you?" I looked at her.

"No not mad, just wish you did sooner so you didn't go through it alone, " she said sympathetically. "You were 15 Jess."

It was no wonder I was so messed up with not knowing my father, my mother being a bitch, my brother a monster and my best friends foster dad being inappropriate with me. I don't know how I haven't convinced myself to jump off a bridge. Actually I do I thought to myself as I looked to Em and smiled.

"He is lucky he died in that house fire or I would march over there right now," Em spat

"No more secrets promise," I assured her.

We were about to walk in for diner when my phone buzzed, it was an unknown number.

Unknown caller: You better watch your back

Jess: Who is this

I showed Em the messages, and we waited but no one ever responded. I think I had a pretty good idea who it was, and that was when Em told me about the coffee with Helen. So I just blew it off and we headed inside to make something to eat.

"How are you and David?" I asked din a playful voice.

She started to speak," David and I are............

The End

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