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I'm still shook up the morning.

If it wasn't Jess's first real week of work, I would have told her to stay home too, but that was impossible. They needed the extra hand at the diner and Jess was it. I hope that Jess's work will keep her busy so she could start healing from the last couple of days.

We realized that she kissed her brother and that we never want to see Jim again and we will never seen Jason again either, or her mother. 

After I dropped off Jess at her work, I go over to the police station. I have a letter of Jess's with me which I gave to the officer. The letter was about her giving me permission to pick up her mother's belongings. The officer recognized me from last night and he remembered about Jess so it was no surprise when he let me sign a couple of papers and pick up the belongings without a fuss.

After that I decided to take a walk and do some window shopping, maybe even buy something. Maybe I should buy something for Jess, too? And David? And Tyler? I think Jess will appreciate, if I get something for Tyler. I wasn't sure what to get him though but for David, I could get a chess set that we can use to play together or golf balls in purple color.

I rub my head because a headache is brewing.

"Emily?" I hear my name being called and turn around to see Helen trying to catch up.

"Hi, Helen," I said and watch her get back her composure.

"Is everything okay? So many cops last night," Helen noted.

And here I wanted a peaceful shopping day.

"It will be," I answered her, waiting for her to get the hint by my expression that I want to be alone.

She doesn't take the hint. "Yes, it will be. Listen, I was going to get coffee and drinking alone is boring so would you like to join me?"

I want to scowl and decline and then I think of Jess. I need to be nice, Helen is Tyler's wife and Jess is fond of Tyler so getting his wife mad at me will not be good for Jess.

"Alright, but I don't have a lot of time. I need to buy a gift for David, then I have work," I agreed.

She smiles. "Ten minutes is fine and we're right by the coffee shop. I will pay. Dark coffee is okay?"

"Yes, thank you," I responded and follow her into the shop.

I find us a table and she gets us the drinks.

After she sits down, I start getting a feeling that she wants to talk about something.

"I didn't want to move here you know." She started off. "But, I did for my husband, Tyler. A new beginning."

I don't respond. The way she said it, made me feel like she's hiding something. 

"The kids love it. They also liked seeing the police cars, it felt like a movie to them," she continued.

"I rather not talk about that," I interrupted her. "Why did you invite me for coffee, really?"

She grins. "I see you as a lawyer, Emily. You pay attention to detail."

"Seven minutes," I said to her.

"Tell Jessica to stay away from my husband," Helen was straight to the point.

I laugh. "Wow, I never knew someone to be jealous of a twenty-two year old."

"This is not a laughing matter. I have seen the way she looks at him," Helen snapped. 

"I don't know on what cloud you're on, but during the weekend I was almost raped and killed, same goes for Jess. Men are the last thing on our minds. I would recommend for you to stay away from us. Enjoy your new house and your new life," I snapped back.

I take out two dollars from my wallet and put it in front of me.

"No, thank you for the coffee," I added and leave. 


I pick up Jess at 4:00 PM, at the end of her shift. During the car ride home, I told her about Helen, reminded her to pick up the box with her mother's belongings, and gave her the gifts. I ended up buying a set of three white handkerchiefs for Tyler and a sun dress for Jess. She loved the presents and was happy to see that I have thought of them. I showed her the necklace I got for myself. For David, I got a silver men's necklace. Golf balls and a chess set fell off my mind after the encounter with Helen. Jess let me know that she needed to talk to me after my work before I left. 

I walk into David's office. He has a client. I make more coffee and organize the other room again. It took an hour for the meeting to end.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in a serious tone.

I feel hurt by his tone and scratch my right arm. "I work here, 4:30 PM on Mondays."

He shakes his head. "I know, that's not what I meant. You should be shopping, sleeping, and watching romance soap operas."

"I don't like soap operas," I replied and he laughs. "And I did shop. I got you a present."

 I take out the black jewelry box with the necklace from my bag and hand it to him.

"I can't really repay you for all you did, but I thought that it would look good on you," I said shyly. 

David takes the box and opens it. He takes out the silver chain and puts it on. Then he walks over and pulls me into a hug. "Thank you, and don't need to repay me."

I drink in his scent of firewood and enjoy being held by him. "Thank you, for accepting your gift."

"No, thank you for thinking of me. Now go home, be with Jess and relax. I will finish up here and on Wednesday, we'll meet in the court room. They moved the trial from Friday to Wednesday," he said.

"Are you sure?" I asked, feeling unsure. 

"Yes, I am." He brushes his lips against mine making me feel vulnerable. "I want you to rest."

"Alright." I pull him to me for a last feeling of support and leave him to his work.

When I get home, Jess is sitting in front of the box. It's not opened.

The End

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