Blue and red lightsMature


      I turned the corner onto my street when a cop car whipped past me. I looked to the end of the street and saw another unit already parked in front of the house, so I bolted home. When I reached the front of the house I saw David by the front door with Em who had blood on her. I ran up as the officer tried to hold me back, but I pushed harder.

" I live here, "I shouted and he let me through.

"What happened?" I asked Em as Jim was escorted out the front doorway in cuffs.

There was blood covering his jeans and he held his head down in shame. I knew at that moment what had happened, and was grateful they were OK.

"Looks like he broke the back window in the kitchen to gain access to your home ma'am," one of the officers informed us.

Now  how would I ever find out about my father, I was not about to visit that rapist in jail. I wonder if he even knows yet. Oh god I just realized something, I kissed my own brother. I felt sick to my stomach as I vomited over the rail. I should be glad that's all that happened.

"I understand you will also be filing a report miss Flowers?" another officer asked.

Jim twirled around, "You're last name is flowers?"

It was then I realized he didn't know, and I saw a look of remorse flush over his face. I had done the math, I was born in November and Jim in eleven months before in January.

"Yes Jim, turns out I'm your sister," I said disgusted.

The officer pulled him back and put him in the car. He watched me through the window, and I still wanted to know about my father. So I ran over to the car and asked for a private word. The officer cracked the window and took a few steps away.

"Dad?" I asked, "who is he?"

Jim just laughed then answered, "That piece of shift put me through hell, you don't want to know him"

"I'm sorry miss we have to go now," the officer insisted as he got in the driver seat. I watched them as the cop car's tail lights disappeared down the street.

Once we all filled out reports, the other officers left and it was just us three. We all went into the kitchen, and for the first time in forever I saw Emily tip back a shot. After the day we had I wasn't even going to mention it. 

I still had a chance that there was something in my mother's belongings that could help me find my father. I remembered her having some sort of journal from time to time.

After David did a sweep of the perimeter and was satisfied he headed home.

It was just me and Em again, we were both still pretty shook up so we decided to stay in my room for the night. It was already nearing midnight and we both had to be up early.

I couldn't sleep replaying the last few days over in my head, it seemed like a movie of someone else's life. I heard my phone beep, it was Tyler.

Tyler: David told me what happened, are you OK?

Jessica: What does OK feel like?

Tyler: I'm sorry I wanted to come check on you but Helen came back with the kids.

Jessica: I understand

Tyler: Is it OK if I stop by the diner for lunch tomorrow?

Jessica: Sure I would like that.

Emily: go to sleep

I turned around and saw Em giving me the evil eye.

Jessica: I have to go, don't forget to delete our texts

Tyler: sweet dreams, see you tomorrow.

I was actually looking forward to a nice boring day a work, who would of ever thought.

I rolled over a snuggled up to Emily and closed my eyes. With Jason dead and Jim behind bars I felted a little safer. Even so Em insisted on driving me to work in the morning, she was staying home from school. Then she was going to the police station to get Norma Jean's things.

I had never lied to Em about anything before, but there was something that I was not telling her. Something that I had never told  anyone before, and I think it was time I did.



The End

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