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I was glad that Jess texted me, it calmed me down a bit. I watch Tyler as he looks in the direction that Jess just left in.

"Want a drink?" I asked him.

"Excuse me?" He asked, blinking several times.

"I try not to drink around Jess, I'm not going to say why though so don't bother asking. I don't want to be alone right now either. Jim might be on the lose and all," I explained.

"Okay," he nodded and I walk into the house with him following me. My key to the cabinet is on my keychain with the car keys. I unlock the cabinet and take out a whiskey bottle and two shot glasses.

Tyler doesn't say anything.

I pour whiskey into the glasses and give him a shot. "If you hurt Jess, I'll kill you."

He blinks several times at me and then drowns the shot in one gulp.

"I'm kidding about killing you, but I will be really mad," I said then. 

"You do realize that I can't hurt her since there's nothing there," he said but I can see doubt behind his eyes. 

"You can say that, but I'm not blind." I told him. "Jess's ex is dead."

I hand him the newspaper. He reads it.

"I was going to go tomorrow to get a restraining order against him, but now he is dead. So much is going on and it's driving me crazy. Both of us are not in the right minds. So please, don't hurt Jess in anyway." I pause and drink another shot and another. I cough and look away. "Thank you for taking care of her last night. It was supposed to be me."

"No need to thank me," he said. "I will be going now."

He writes down his number for me.

"Call or text when she gets in. It's dangerous out there," Tyler said. 

"Okay," I answered and he leaves.

I flip my phone in a circle looking out my window.

"Ah!" I yelled."I can't take this anymore."

I lock the cabinet and go to take a shower. Before I get into the tub, I get a text from David that he will be coming over in thirty minutes because he heard about Jim from Tyler. Gees, these men actually communicate.

I bring a small knife with me into the bathroom that hooks easily onto my jeans or shirt. Considering that Jim disappeared, it may be a good idea.

The shower was quick, I don't want to be too long because I want to dry my hair before he shows up. I change into mini shorts and a tight black shirt, and then clip the knife onto my shorts and leave the bathroom. I have a towel on my shoulders so my hair wouldn't make my back wet. I almost make it to the stairs when someone grabs me from the back.

I struggle and can't place the scent but I do smell blood.

"Emily, you shouldn't have done what you did."

I freeze, understanding who has me.

"Let me go or I'll scream," I said, hoping that David is close and that Tyler is still home. And Jess is not on the way home.

"You will do no such thing or I'll kill Jessica," he threatened.

I swallow. "Why are you doing this?"

"My mother never loved me and neither did my father. I did everything to please my father. I even went to law school to make him happy. I did everything and the only thing I wanted is to have you," he said and licks my cheek.

I struggle against him, I feel more violated like this with him than last night.

Everything happens fast, I flip the knife and stab his leg. He screams very loudly and lets me go. I take my chance and run. He curses at me. He limps after me, down the stairs. But, I'm faster. Blood drips from the knife. I unlock the door and run outside, right into David, who ended up coming earlier.

"What happened? Blood!" David asked loudly.

I breath heavily and close the door. "J...Jim attacked me. He's in there!"

David pulls out his phone and calls the cops. I drop the knife to the ground and hold on to David. Any second Jim would come out at us. I pray for the police to be close. 

The End

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