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After I release Em, I offer to make breakfast but David already beat me to it. I was happy she was home, and I wanted all the details about her night. I wasn't going to bring up Jim unless she did.

"I heard Tyler stayed with you last night," Em teased

I took a deep breath, "Yes but nothing happened and he was gone when I woke up." She was trying to avoid the subject so that I wouldn't ask about her night with David. I grabbed the Sunday paper of the table that Em brought from David's, I don't no why she just didn't sign up for a subscription instead of over paying at the store.

"So how about you and David? Spill it sister," I said to her in a silly voice.

"We kissed," She screeched as I opened the paper. I was in shock at what I saw, and it must of been written on my face.

"Jess what is it, you look liked someone die?" She joked.

 I looked at her with a serious face, "Someone did die, Jason."  She didn't know what to say, partly because she didn't know if I was glad or sad. She stood over my shoulder and read the article with me.

                Jason Jemmings 23, died on the scene in a fatal car accident early Sunday morning around 4:00am. His blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. It appeared that he had not been wearing his seat belt when he hit the driver of a white ford mustang. All the passenger's in the mustang survived with minor injuries. Police don't know where he was headed when the accident occurred, and are not releasing any other details until further investigation. Among the wreckage was a box of personal effects belonging to who they think was a family member or friend. The box contained a death certificate and a few other items. Police are not releasing the name on the death certificate, and are urging anyone who might no Jason to come down to the station. His funeral arrangements will be available at the station as well.

We just looked at each other in silence before I spoke, "I wonder what was in my mother's things?" Em shrugged her shoulders, " I don't know, do you want me to go down there with you?"

"Please," I confirmed. We both changed into clean clothes and hopped in Em's car. I couldn't wait to get my first paycheck so I could get my car running again.

When we got to the police station we waited what seemed like forever. Finally when the detective saw us we were told we had to come back tomorrow for my mother's things. Since they were written up in the report, and they had to be signed out of the evidence room which was closed on Sunday's.

We stopped at the diner on the way home for lunch, and to verify I was due in at 8:00am tomorrow morning. I was scheduled to work every day this week, that meant more money for me. We were getting ready to leave when my phone rang, it was Tyler. He must of put his number in my phone when I was sleeping last night.

"Where are you girls? we need to talk," he said in a serious tone. I told him we were at the diner and we would be home shortly, it sounded urgent.

When we returned home Tyler was waiting on our front porch, which lead me to believe his wife was still gone. We walked up and joined him on the porch, and he had a worried look on his face.

"You two better sit down for this," he said in a comforting voice.

"Ok," we both replied at the same time.

"You know how me and my buddies were going to rough up your boy Jim," he asked us. We nodded and he continued, "Well he wasn't home so we searched through his things to make sure he didn't have any weapons."

"OK and?" we waited.

"Well, um ...we found his birth certificate," he said with hesitation.

" So what does that have to do with us?" Em asked him.

Tyler took a deep breath," Well the name listed under mother was Norma Jean Flowers." My jaw just dropped, I was at a loss for words. Emily rubbed my shoulder to comfort me, waiting for my next reaction.

"No it has to be a mistake," I shouted. " I would of known about him,, Norma Jean would of told me," I pretested.

I shook my head, no it can't be true that monster can't be my brother. I couldn't allow my mind to process what I just heard. What if out father was like him, and what if Jim knew where he was? I had so many unanswered questions that needed to be put in the open. What was I going to do, knock on Jim's door and say hi asshole guess what were siblings?

Tyler and Em could tell that my mind was racing, and Emily knew once I had my mind set that was the final verdict.

"Maybe you should let us be alone," Em told Tyler.

"No you two stay and keep talking, I need to be alone," I said as I got up and headed down the sidewalk.

"JESS STOP WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Em shouted behind me.

 She was scared I could tell by the tone in her voice as she pleaded for me to stay. I never just left without telling her where I was going, but today I didn't even know where I was going.

Tyler caught up with me,  and I put my up warning him not to follow me. "Be careful Jess," he said to me before I disappeared further down the street.

Once I was alone I pulled out my phone and text Em.

Jessica: Sorry for leaving I needed to be alone, it's like I can't breath

Em: Please don't go to Jim's, not alone

Jessica: I won't I promise

Em: don't be long, you have work in the morning

Jessica: I know I'm just going to swing at the elementary playground for a while

Jessica: I will be home soon I promise.. Love you!

Em: love you be safe

I had never lied to Emily in my life, and I didn't intend to start now.


The End

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