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David and I left the BBQ early. He needed to prepare for golf in the morning with a fellow colleague. Golf on a Sunday morning, men will never change.

I left not because of him. I left because I wanted to buy some groceries for breakfast. We ran out of fruit and I wanted to make pancakes with sides of whip cream and strawberries, maybe some watermelon.

The store wasn’t busy, people were staying in for the weekend which made me feel better, I hate crowds. After the store, I went to the bookstore and ended up spending a couple of hours without realizing. I was reading about some famous forensic cases where the research team really was a success.

When I was in high school, I would never have been able to read something like that; it was all about romance then. I close the book after checking the time and head home.  The lights are off in both houses so I figure everyone retired.

I park the car, grab the stuff, quickly put away the food and head for Jess’s room. She never retires this early. Something's happened.

“Jess?” I asked and I didn’t get a chance to continue because she got up from the bed and ran into my arms. Something bad has happened for sure.

“Oh Em! Where were you? It was horrible.” Jess said and I saw fresh tears running down her face.

“What happened?” I asked her and walked her to the bed. I lean against the wall cuddling Jess and watch her closely. I don't want to miss a thing.

After she finishes her story of what happened with Jim and with Tyler, I am shaking.

I am mad; here I thought was a good guy, Jim. Great in class, wants to be a lawyer, and he only agreed to meet Jess because he wanted to get closer to me. And he tried the unspeakable! If that boy thinks that I will believe him over Jess, he has another thing coming.

Jess lies down under the covers after changing for sleep and I lay on top of the blankets watching her fall asleep. We hold hands, Jess drifts off after twenty minutes of sniffling. I guess, everything has finally caught up with her. I listen to hear if her breathing is even and slide quietly out of the room.

I don't want to wake her up by opening the garage so I take my bag with me and call a cab to pick me up a couple of streets away. I don’t bother to change clothing.

I leave, locking the door so nothing bad would happen and run. At the store, I have put up my hair into a bun so it would be easier to smell fruit and make sure my hair wasn’t in the way. Now I let it go. I got to the corner at the same time as the taxi was driving up. I waved and it stopped in front of me.

“Emily?” the driver asked.

“Yes,” I responded and buckle up. I tell him the address and we drive away. I run my fingers through my hair and try not to cry.

It took ten minutes to get to Jim’s place.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, my head is not in the right place. I pay the taxi driver and leave.

He lives in a small house. Good for a bachelor.

I breath in and out, standing for a couple of minutes on the porch, thinking over my craziness. My craziness ended up winning and I rang the doorbell.  I don’t stop ringing until the door opens to reveal Jim without a shirt and in shorts.

“Em?” Jim sounded surprised to see me.

I slap him. “You fucking bastard!” 

“What was that for?” He yelled back but not as loudly.

“For trying to force yourself onto my sister,” I said back.

“You're kidding me right, Em? I would never do that. You know me.” Jim talked in the voice he normally used with me. The thing though, I have experience and when a man shows that side of him he can't hide it again. I see the glint behind his eyes. He's a lying fucking bastard.

“No, I don't know you. I know my sister. Don’t ever come close to me or her ever again. I am filing a report against you on Monday. I hate you, I trusted you, now I hate you. You're nothing to me,” I said through the gritted teeth.

He doesn't move and I don't have the strength to continue. I said what I wanted to say. I turn around to walk away. But that doesn’t happen. He grabbed my hand with so much force I yelled out from pain. He pushes me against the door and then he drags me inside his house. The door closes but he doesn’t lock it, he's too busy with me fighting him.

“Bitch, I've been interested in you for a year. You show no interest and I get content to just being your friend. Then he comes along, and you start changing. What does he have that I don’t? What does David have?”

I tried fighting him while he was saying all that, but both of my hands were in his and he pushes me onto the floor. His weight is too heavy and tears start sliding down my face.

What happened to me last time comes back in full force. He forces me lower then grabbed my chin and kissed me hard. I try to push him away because one of my hands is free now, but fail. I try to move my head away to end the kiss, I feel like suffocating.

I don't want to be here. I should have thought about this. I should have come, in the morning with cops. I should have just filed a report but I thought that Jim would be reasonable. He kept kissing me, his hand left my chin but put more weight on me.

Tears continued sliding down my face. His hand moved down my dress and slowly he pulled it up.

Terror gripped my heart.

He stopped the kiss and I yelled. He stopped going up my leg and slapped me. “You will be mine, Emily. You will regret doing this to me.”

I try struggling under him since he lifted some of his weight off of me to slap me but I'm not strong enough.

Just when hysteria is about to take over, Jim’s body is picked up off of me and is thrown against the wall. I shuffle my body and get up, shaking like crazy. I look at the scene. David picked up Jim by his hair and started beating the daylights out of him. I want to slide down the wall because I'm so happy he's here.

I can actually trust David. That thought is like put on rerun. My eyes glaze over and I don't see their fight anymore.

I don’t know how long has past, but my eyes focus on the scene before me when strong arms pick me up, bridal style. I start struggling, but then I catch the scent of firewood and stop. My eyes meet David’s. He looks mad. I looked past him; Jim is passed out on the floor with blood around. I focus on his chest, Jim is still alive.

David walks out of the house with me in his arms. He sets me on the ground, opens the passenger door, and made me get in. I notice that he also has my bag with him. He gets in the car and starts to drive.

We don't speak. I pull up my knees.

Ten minutes later, I hear garage door open and look up from my miserable thoughts.

David drives in, parks, and gets out. He walks around the car, pulls me out, closes the garage and drags me into his house. We get to the kitchen, he sits me down onto the stool by the kitchen counter and I feel numb. I'm in David’s house. He still doesn’t speak to me but I feel that he is beyond angry. Why is that? I would still be angry but I'm happy, I'm happy that I was saved.

David watches me closely then pulls out his cell. He dials a number and waits for the person to answer.

“Jessica, it’s me David. I got Emily with me. You were right, she went over to Jim’s. She's staying with me tonight, okay?” David said into the phone.

How does he have her number? That's when it hits me, his number is on the fridge and Jess probably woke up, saw that I'm not there, and called him. 

“She's okay, well she will be after I talk with her,” David said into the phone. “Okay, good night.”

That is when I speak. “Thank you for coming to my rescue.”

David throws his phone away onto the couch a couple of meters away and glares at me.

“Jessica called me, I could tell she was freaked out.” He said angrily. “She explained to me what happened and how you left. She told me Jim’s address and I left as fast as I could. What were you thinking?” 

“I wasn’t thinking, okay. I admit, I wasn’t. I was so mad. Jess did not need this. She did not need that experience, okay and I felt responsible. I introduced them.” I said and began to cry again.

David walks up to me and I get on guard.

“You think she would have wanted you to do this? To get that experience. I saw how forceful he was. If I wasn’t there, it would have ended worse. You could have died, Em.” He said my nickname so softly that I stop crying.

David is my boss. I work for him. There are boundaries that I cannot cross. That is what I have been telling myself. I haven’t known him long enough; my trust in men isn't good either.

Today, Jim made me believe into men even less, but then David made me believe into good ones, again. He made me believe that there are still good men out there. David is watching me with worry. He isn't mad anymore.

I pull David by his t-shirt to me and kiss him on his lips. 

The End

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