Emily-Roses and saladsMature


When the doorbell rang, I jumped off the couch, I was sitting on and looked very scared at the front door.

“Em, I swear you were a cat in your past life,” Jess said and walks over to the door. I couldn’t believe that she isn't nervous about this. I put on a smile and walk over to Jess.

Jim and David are both on the front door. Both have red roses in their hands which they gave to each of us. Red roses mean romance right? They also have a bag each, in their hands.

“We got salads for the BBQ.” David let us know and I look at Jess. We should have cooked something as well; if the boys didn’t bring the salads then we would have gone empty handed to the BBQ. If I wasn’t shy I would be hugging both of them.

“You guys are jems. Em and I have been cleaning all day and totally forgot to cook,” Jess said in my place.

“I’ll go put the roses in their vases and then we can leave,” I let the three know.

David follows me and Jim stays with Jess. I don’t hear their conversation because the roses actually smell like roses. You know how rare that is in California?

“Jim and I think alike,” David said.

I pour water into two vases.

“How so?” I asked.

“The roses, except we probably have different reasons for getting them.” He leans against the counter.

Now, I'm cutting off the stems from the roses so they would live longer. “What was your reason?” 

“The perfume you wear, it has a scent of roses,” he said, making me blush.

He pays attention to detail all too well. We stay in comfortable silence while I finish with the roses. After its done he follows me out of the kitchen into the living room. Jess notices my red face and smiles. I will be hearing about this later.

“So what did we miss?” I asked the couple.

“Jim was telling me a joke about three lawyers. I never knew lawyers can be funny,” she explained. I glare at her and she laughs. “All right guys, let’s go eat, I am starting to get hungry.”

We leave the house with me locking the door. Jess and Jim walk in front of us and they are being very chatty. Good. Jess needs a guy like Jim. My thoughts return to David. I refuse to fall for him. Jess’s life has become difficult again and I need to be there for her. Also, he is my boss, I will not cross that line no matter how much he flirts with me.

We walk through the gate to Tyler’s backyard and freeze. Both of us did not have a childhood like this. The kids have their own playground, including water slides. Tyler is at the grill, his wife is adding food to the table and there are about ten more people who we don't know.

“Over here,” Tyler called to us and we walk over.

“Thanks for having us Tyler,” Jess greeted him. “This is Jim and David.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” Tyler said and flips the meat patties.

“Thank you for having us, we brought salads. Where should we put them?” Jim asked this time.

“On that table over there, my wife can help you guys figure out where to put them. Thank you for bringing them,” Tyler replied.

The boys walk over and the wife instantly starts talking to them.

"The burgers will be ready soon. Go ahead mingle, the other people here are my co-workers and friends,” Tyler said. 

The End

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