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I didn't have to be a mind reader to know how Em's night went when I saw her smile at me through the window. I would definitely be asking for details though, and convince her it was a good thing. I had so much to tell her about the hospital, Jason, my dad and Jim. I didn't even know where to begin, but I needed her help with a few of my issues. Like the restraining order on Jason, and some maybe help getting information on my father. I knew nothing about these type of things, I guess that's why Em and I fit.

I tried to fake smile when she walked in," Hey party girl."

"Your not fooling anyone with that fake smile sister, spill it," she busted me. How did she always do that?, she was going to make a great lawyer. She sat down next to me, and the tears just spilled out like a faucet. I told her every detail about the hospital and the news of my mother. She hugged me tightly to comfort me, while I cried on her shoulder.

I was feeling a little better now that she was home. " Do anything last night?" Em asked me.

"Well I saw Jim," I eased out.

Her eyes lit up, "You did? Oh good, did you like him? How did it go."

"One question at a time," I snickered. I told her about the date, and even the drama with Jason. She insisted on going with me Monday morning to file a report about Jason for my own protection.

"Are you going to see him again?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes I think so," I blushed. "I'm starving, lets go make some breakfast," I urged. After breakfast we did our normal weekend house cleaning, and the laundry. It was my turn to mow the lawn.

I finished mowing the lawn and was on my way to put up the mower, when I saw Tyler walk up. "Hey neighbor!" he announced. I waived back and smiled at him. I had almost forgotten about him with all the drama going on.

"We are having a BBQ today at 3:00 PM, I wanted to invite you and Em," he spoke. I love BBQ's, it was a tempting offer. "Feel free to bring a friend," he mentioned. OK, did he mean like a female friend or a boyfriend? I guess it didn't matter either way.

"OK, I will mention it to Em thanks for the invite," I waived as I went back inside.

"Who were you talking to," Em asked once I was inside. I told her Tyler invited us to a BBQ and that she should invite David. She agreed as long as I promised to invite Jim along too.

Emily was a little nervous because of the way things were last night, she was afraid of crossing the line with David. I told her he was obviously available if he invited her to stay over, drunk or not. She was clueless but adorable when it came to men, she was shy around them. Partly because of the incident that we don't speak of, and partly because she really is innocently shy.

I peaked at the clock which read 11:30am, and I yawned as I excused myself for an afternoon nap. I text Jim before I fell asleep to give give plenty time notice, and he excepted. I snuggled up with my favorite blanket and it was lights out for me.

When I woke Up I heard the television on, Em was watching a Law and Order marathon.

"Hey did you call David?" I yelled down the hall.

"Yes mom," she replied sarcastically.

I filled the tub full of bubble bath and sunk into the hot water. Normally I have candles and music, but I just wanted silence today. Moments later I heard Em's shower turn on and I drained the water from the tub.

I opened my closet and looked at the excessive amount of clothes crammed in there. There were things that still had price tags on them, so I had to find something. I settled on a bright pink sun dress covered in butterflies. I yanked it from the hanger and slipped it over my head. It was hot outside so I just threw my hair up in a clip, I liked it that way.

When I entered the front room Em was also wearing a dress, she looked very beautiful. She wasn't good at taking compliments, but I told her anyway.

David and Jim should be here any minute now and I could tell Em was a little nervous so I though of something to distract her mind until they got there.

I sat on the couch and propped my chin on my hand staring straight at Em.

"What?" she asked suspiciously.

Will you help me find him? My dad?" I asked her with my puppy dog face.

"You bet I will," she promised.

The End

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