Emily-A dream come trueMature


You know those dreams?

The ones, where a handsome man, not guy, a man stands over you with a gorgeous yet playful smile, holding a steaming mug of hot coffee right under your nose to wake you up? And when you do wake-up, he ruffles your hair, or kisses you on the cheek or lips and says “Morning beautiful!”

Well, I woke up to a handsome man, holding that steamy mug and a “Good Morning, Em! How did you sleep?”

No other affection, unless you count his playful voice and a cheesy smile. This was bad, here I talked with him for two works over the phone and email about the case. I only see him in person…what three times now, and I already want him to get affectionate with me? I must be nuts.

I pick up the mug by its handle, take a sip and my eyes widen. “Caramel?”

He smiles. “Yeah, something a little extra. Dark coffee is good for work, but not for lazy mornings.”

“Well then, good morning, David,” I side and sit up properly.

My hands go through my hair and I cringe. My hair is a mess from not braiding it last night and I have a headache. It isn't a big one, but I guess those drinks have gotten to me. An image forms of him without a shirt last night and I blush. I shake my hair which covers partly my face to cover the blush.

“I’ll be out of your hair soon,” I said embarrassed.

He keeps smiling but it changes somehow. “You don’t have to run, you've got lots of time, it’s only 7:00 AM.”

I cringe.

The last time, I woke up at 7:00 AM on a Saturday was for a funeral.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm a morning person, really but 7:00 AM? I guess waking up to him though makes it all better. Jessica will not be up until 9:00 AM on a Saturday so I have two hours to kill before heading back home and seeing where she wanted to have breakfast. Home or IHOP.

I guess he saw me cringe because he asked, “Too early?”

“You could say that,” I said. “Did you already have some coffee?”

David is wearing another t-shirt, this time it is plain black and jeans. 

“Mine is on the table. Want to join me?” He asked.

I set the coffee onto the counter by the couch. "Let me freshen up first.”

“Sure,” he said and walks off to the other room.

I brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair and put on some rose perfume. I need to start bringing with me at least another shirt. When I walk back to the room, I grab my coffee, which is still warm and go to meet with David in the other room.

He's sitting on the stool with one elbow on the table with his head on his hand; the other hand holding the coffee. He was watching the doorway from which I just entered. Was he watching for me?

 “So 7:00 AM is normal for you on Saturdays?” I asked. Yeah, I know I could have come up with something better.

“When you will be a full-fledged lawyer, it would be normal for you too,” he replied.

Well I failed at the conversation. “Umm, what you want to talk about?”

“Bad experiences? You said you have bad experiences with compliments. What are they?” He asked fast. 

Man, he was straight to the point.

“When men want something, they compliment,” I said simply.

“What happened the last time a man complimented you?” He asked then, a different look in his eyes. 

I'm not going to lie. Partly why I understood Jess so well is that both of us have had bad experiences with men.

“He tried to rape me and I hit him over the head with a baseball bat,” I finally said. 

I guess I was way too open with him because he set down his coffee mug, got up from the stool and hovered above where I just sat down.

Damn, I scold myself inside my head.

He's my boss and here, I answered him so freely. I watch his moves, on guard, then he pulls me into a warm hug surprising me.

Firewood scent is the only thing that I can smell; I can't even remember, how the coffee smelled like. He is holding me too close, but at the same time, natural. Damn, three days and I already feel crazy around him. I need to talk with Jess. He's my boss.

“Never, it will never happen again,” he finally uttered. 

I smile and try to pull away but he doesn’t let me go. “David, thank you for saying this.”

He lets me go and his hand brushes against my cheek. “If a real man compliments a woman, he means it. If I say that you're beautiful in the mornings with a messy hair, I mean it.”

I blush, believing him. I touch his cheek and my fingers brush against his hair. “Thank you, it makes me have faith in the male race.”

He smiles, but before he can reply, his phone rings. “It's one of my clients.”

I smile back. “Then, I'll see you on Monday.”

“You don’t have to leave,” he said before responding to the call.

“I do, I have a date with Jess,” I said, pack up, and leave.

While driving home, my body was shaking and I felt scared. 

When I pull up to the house, I see Jess sitting on her favorite window seat looking outside. Something happened, her expression said it all.

The End

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