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Since I was off tomorrow and Em wasn't coming home, I decided to text Jim. The last thing I needed was to have time to sit and feel sorry for myself. I could use a drink, it has been a whole week of sobriety for me. 

Jessica: Hey it's Jessica, are you busy?

Jim: I can make myself free, what did you have in mind?

Jessica: Can you meet me at Mimi's bar and grill in 30 min?

Jim: sure , I will see you then

Jessica: Great see you then

I rummaged through my closet for something casual to wear, didn't want to give Jim the wrong idea by dressing to provocative. The bar was walking distance from the house, so I didn't need a ride. I was locking up when my phone buzzed, it was Jason of course.

Jason: please talk to me

Jessica: leave me alone, I have moved on

Jason: please just five minutes?

Jessica: no and I mean it, LEAVE ME ALONE!

With that I placed my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and walked toward Mimi's. Jim said he would be wearing a Green button up shirt, black boots, and blue jeans. Em must have showed him my pictured, because he flagged me down as soon as I breached the doorway.

"Hey," I smiled as I joined Jim at the table. "Nice to meet you," I extended my hand.

"Wow you are much prettier then you picture," he added. I was only use to compliments if the guy wanted something from me, but Em promised he was a gentleman.

"Thanks, your pretty cute yourself," I blushed.

"Shall we order a drink?" he asked. I nodded and he waived the waitress over.

We ordered drinks and selected some tunes at the jukebox. Jim was pretty adorable, in a school boy kind of way. He was not like any other guy I have been out with, he actually took interest in our conversation.

Jim was the youngest of five siblings, his parents were still married, and he had been single for two years. Which was a surprise because he was the type of guy you could bring home to mom. I watched his lips as they moved, not really paying attention to the words. I was still a bit numb from earlier, and the alcohol was making me feel great right about now. I nodded just to not seem impolite, but the truth was my mind is elsewhere right now. I snapped back into focus just as Jim asked me to dance.

I would say the date was going pretty well, I wasn't sure if I felt that romantic connection or not. I could definitely see him being a good friend for sure. He held me gently as we danced, I have to admit his hands felt nice on my waist. We danced a few more songs before returning to the table.

"I better get going I have to meet Em in the morning for breakfast," I told him. He paid the tab and we headed outside.

"Oh, isn't Em at home," Jim asked once we reached the parking lot.

"Oh, no she was working late on a case and was to tired to drive home," I compromised. I wasn't sure how much Em had told him about her life.

"With David you mean?" he asked. The way he said it would make you think he was a little jealous. I just blew it off and walked with him to the car.

"Do you need a ride?" Jim asked.

"I can walk, I'm up the street," I replied nicely.

"Really, it's no big deal," he insisted.

I was about to get into the passenger seat when a shadow came stumbling up, it was Jason who had followed me.

"Stay away from my girl," he shouted at Jim.

"I'm not your girl you asshole," I yelled back. I looked at Jim in a panic, who was staring right back at me. I sighed, "Jason your drunk, go home and sleep it off." Jason wouldn't back off, and there was a crowd growing outside from the commotion. Someone must have called the cops, because after a few more moments of yelling sirens lit up the parking lot.

Jim loaded me in the car and we drove off. "I'm really sorry about that," I shrugged. I didn't want to drag him into my past or the drama of the present.

"No worries,"he smiled. He seemed pretty calm for someone who almost go sucker punched. A few minutes later we pulled up into the drive way, and he walked me to the door.

"I had a nice time," he fidgeted with his keys. I smiled and was trying to get a read on his intentions. "I would really like to take you on a real date sometime," he grinned. Sure why not, I mean he was the nicest guy I had been out with in-well ever.

"Sure," I agreed. I started to turn and unlock the door, when he twirled me around. He planted a gentle soft kiss on my lips and whispered,"Good night beautiful." It was sweet, and it made me smile to myself as I closed the door behind me. I had the whole house to myself.

My phone buzzed again, it was Jason. This had to stop once and for all, so I picked it up this time.

Before I could even get a sound out his voice shouted in my ear," I will fucking kill him if I see him near you again." Then he just hung up the phone, and I was tempted to text Em but I didn't want to burden her.

Jason had never done this before, and I have dated other men since the affair. Perhaps mom dying pushed him over the edge. Either way I think I should file a report in the morning, that was the only way to get a restraining order going.

I fell into my bed and thought about Jim's good night kiss. He could be good for me I think, he would keep me out of trouble. He treated me like a lady should be treated, and I think I like that about him.

I wondered how Emily's night had turned out with David, but I would get the details tomorrow at breakfast.

I pulled the blanket over my shoulder and exhaled with contentment as I drifted off to sleep.

The End

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