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I stretch like a cat and let out a yawn.

Classes were cancelled today.

David and I, ordered some Chinese food for lunch and haven't left the office all day. I slide my phone to see the time, 8:00 PM. I texted earlier to tell Jess that I would be working late and she should get home soon, herself. I apologized and she accepted. I hope that was okay.

"You just reminded me of a feline," David said from his chair and unties his tie.

He looks up at the ceiling and decides to get rid of it, all together. He drops the tie onto the table and unbuttons top three buttons. I can see a white shirt underneath.

I look away from him and note the desk which became messier than last night.

"Sorry, I guess, being at a desk all day made me feel like one. You know like lying down and taking a nap." I said. "Hey! The State University is going to have a forensic specialist showing up for a lecture about blood spatter and such. I was thinking of going, maybe it can help me understand the case better. It's on Monday at 10:00 AM."

David sets his head onto his hands with elbows being on the edge of the desk. "You're taking this very seriously."

The way he said it, made me blush so I start looking around the room.

"Of course, I am. I will not be able to pass the bar exam if I don't take this case seriously." I can still feel his gaze on me so I decide to stock up some of the files, un-clutter the desk.

Cleaning is put on pause when his phone rings.

"Hey bro, what's up?" David said.

My gaze falls on him, I have never heard a lawyer talk so freely before. My eyes meet his and I realize that even though h's paying attention to the person on the line, he was and still is watching me, with a smile I may add.

"A drink? I'm still at the office with a colleague," he said.

I blush further.

"Alright, fine. We're both hungry anyway and some Italian food will do wonders on a lawyer's mind. See you in fifteen." He puts down his phone on the table and leaves the room.

I take out a brush from my bag, untie my braid and start brushing my hair. My head was hurting from having my hair not just in a braid but also in a bun. I brushed it out and put back on my headband. I hear him come back in and feel like my eyes would pop out.

The man in front of me has transformed into a guy.

David is wearing blue jeans and a band called "Yellowcard" t-shirt. His hair looks messier. He walks up to the desk and puts his cell into his front right jean pocket.

"Ready to go?" He asked with a smile.

"Go? Go where?" I asked him, still amazed that he looks so, so normal.

He doesn't look like a lawyer in that outfit at all.

"Italian food and maybe some drinks. Be a feline and relax," David said. 

"Right," I said and grab my bag.

"I like your hair down by the way. A bun doesn't suit you," he said and holds the door open to let me pass.

I blush again and rush past him which makes him laugh again.

"You're not used to compliments, huh?" He asked then/ 

"Bad experiences," I told him, truthfully.

He nods and we get into the car.

Everyone in the city know the restaurant and its owners. We end up having dinner and a lot of drinks.


"I don't think I can drive," I said to David and lean back in the front car seat.

"I can, but not far. The office has two couches. How about it?" David asked.

"Sure," I said. "I'll just tell Jess that I'm not coming home."

Me: Sleeping at the office, had too much to drink.
Jess: Everything good?
Me: Yeah, the office has a couch...ttyl.

I turn off my cell after that and put it into my bag. I guess I was so out of it, that time has gone fast and soon we're walking up the stairs to the office. David takes a couple of pillows and blankets from the closet. Looks like, it's not the first time that he stayed at the office over night. I get into the bathroom on wobbly legs, clean myself up and go back.

On the way back to the couch, I bump into him and blush worse than before. David is only in his jeans. For an older guy, he sure looks good. I avert my gaze and make my way to the couch.

He's my boss, nothing more.

Climbing under the blankets, I hear him laugh before blackness takes over. 

The End

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