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The cake was delicious, no matter how melted it was. I could tell that Jessica was eyeing the liquor cabinet which is locked, thanks to me. If I don't make her think of something else, she will just break the doors and get a drink. That will result in me holding her hair while she vomits, no thanks. She just got a new job, we're not going  back to that routine.

"We're not dating," I said and then take a full spoon of the cake into my mouth.

"What?" Jess asked.

Clearly she wasn't expecting me to start a conversation about 10:40 PM.

"David and I, are not dating. Today, was the first time that met each other in person. It's only a work thing," I said, seriously.

"Whatever you say, but he's your type, Em," Jess said quietly.

At least she looked away from the liquor cabinet.

"He's not my type, he is too old. He looks to be 35," I said and an image of him appears in my head.

The way he looked when he asked if everything was okay.

"So, you're 23 and at 23 the world is open. You can even date someone in his 50s," Jess said and takes another piece of cake.

I roll my eyes.

"I can and you can, but it doesn't mean that I would jump to date a 50 year old man. David is 35 and single but I work for him. We're working on a serious case, someone got murdered. Me falling for him would be the worst. Besides, I have to take care of the bills, get my law degree, and finish all the internship hours." I paused, thinking of what else I need to do. "And, I need to make sure you are settled with someone that I can trust. You need a good man, I don't. Maybe take some college courses again, it will be a perfect chance for you to meet some good men."

"This way, I should just show up to your classes and fall for a good lawyer trainee." Jessica said sarcastically.

Well, she's not thinking about Tyler, her mother, or Jason.

"Laugh all you want, but lawyers tend to be good mates. There's a guy, Jim, he takes my courses. How about a blind date?" I asked. 

"Em!" Jess exclaimed.

"What?" I asked. "You think I need to date David and I think you need to date a decent guy."

Jess sighs and gets up to put away the cake into the fridge. "True, that is why we get along. We want the best for each other."

"Yap, now what time is your shift tomorrow?" I asked.

"I start at noon tomorrow," Jess replied.

"Did you want me to drive you to the hospital in the morning? Get answers to some of your questions, before it's too late?" I asked her, treading on a landmine.

She just looks at me sadly. "I hate being an adult sometimes, yes, please."

I give her a hug." I'll wake you up, get you some breakfast and drive you. Now off to bed with you. Tomorrow is going to be hard for the both of us."

The End

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