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I only had an hour to go, before I was off and teasing Em about her new friend. Truth was, I am happy for her. Even if he is just a so called client she it working for, he is totally her type. She has been so busy with school, I don't remember the last time she dated.

When I got to the front, Penny the owners daughter, handed me a list of end of shift duties. first on the list was fill the empty condiments containers, then the napkins, then silverware, and last a final bathroom check. By the time I was done I had five minutes, and my phone was buzzing in my pocket again. It was Jason, fifth time tonight but I just ignored it again.

When I was finished checking my schedule and getting my things Em was already outside talking with David still. I approached with appropriate warning, "Day one complete." We all giggled and I excused myself to wait in the car, so they could have their privacy for goodbyes.

Moments later appeared in the driver side seat with a mile wide smile. "So?" I teased. She playfully punched me in the arm and blushed, "It's just work and we were hungry." I gave her the yeah sure look as she started the car and we left.

We talked about my first day at the diner, and my bumping into Tyler's wife at La Belle. My phone buzzed again, and I just hit ignore once more.

"Not in a talking mood tonight?" Em asked curiously.

"No, its Jason he has been calling me all day," I gritted through my teeth.

Em knew better then anyone that topic was of limits, unless I brought it up. After all she was the one who stayed up all those late nights, of pulling my hair back to vomit from all the drinks. It was just six short months ago, and yet the pain still feels like it was yesterday. I guess the thing that hurts the most, is that I caught them the day of or one year anniversary. In my own bed my I might add. I'm not really sure how long it had been going on. I was living with mom at the time, because I had no job or money. She just looked and me and smirked, as if to say ha bitch I took your boyfriend. She had been holding this vendetta against me for years, because one of her drunken boyfriend's tried to put his uninvited hand on me. I was fucking 16 for Christ sakes, but she says I was asking for it, flirting, and even initiated it. When they got dressed and passed me she whispered, "now were even."

I moved in with Emily the next morning, and haven't spoke to either one since. In the beginning Jason tried to call desperately, but eventually gave it a rest. To be honest I'm not even sure if they are together still. I tried not to think about it to much, its part of the reason I spiraled out of control.

We pulled onto our street, and Tyler was sitting on his front patio drinking a beer. I was to busy to notice the shadowy figure waiting on ours until we pulled up the drive. It was Jason, and this was not going to be pretty.

Before Emily could tell me to stay in the car I whipped by door open and ran up to where her sat. And before he could open his mouth, I landed a punch right at his nose.

"Jess, stop!" I could hear Em screaming as she ran up the drive.

"What the hell gave you the nerve to come here?" I asked in a hateful tone.

"I miss you baby, I want you in my life."

I just started to laugh and I spit in his face as Em finally reached the patio. Jason got up and tried to grab my wrist," Please Jess just talk to me."

I retracted my arm and looked him straight it the eyes, " don't you ever put your filthy hands on me again."

Tyler must of heard the yelling, because he appeared in the driveway. "Everything all right here lady's?" he questioned.

"Who the fuck is this, your boyfriend?" Jason yelled. I could tell know he had been drinking.

"Everything is fine, he was just leaving," I shouted. I leaned in inched from his face and whispered, " Don't ever come back here again or I will kill you."

Tyler walked up beside Emily and I , and Jason headed for his car. Just as he reached his car he looked back," Your mom is dying Jess, that's why I was calling you mostly." I was silent and he continued," I know you two had your differences, but she doesn't have much time left." He stood there for a few second before saying his last words, " that night Jess was the biggest mistake of my life, and I would do anything to take it back." Then he drove off.

I looked and Em who was still in shock from the punch I threw at Jason. Then I looked at Tyler who seemed a bit confused.

"I'm sorry you had to see all that Mr. Wilson," I apologized.

"Its nothing," he replied. He started to walk off but turned back, "hey you didn't come by the store today," he spoke.

I just looked at Em confused and then I realized what little games Mrs. Wilson was playing. I didn't want to start any thing so I politely called back, "Yeah sorry about that, I found a job already."

"You ladies have a nice night," he said as he disappeared back to his own driveway.

"What a crazy first day, " I laughed as we went inside.

"What are you going to do about your mom Jess?" She asked with hesitation. I'm guess because she expected me to explode. The truth is as much as I hate my mother and wanted her dead, I still had some unanswered questions. Like about my dad, all I knew is that she told me he died when I was young.

I looked at Em and sighed, "Can we talk about this tomorrow?"

She nodded with agreement, and we sat down for a slice of half melted ice cream cake.

The End

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