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Around 8:00 PM, I sent another text to Jessica.

Me: Hey, I'm still working with the lawyer, so text me when you're done.
Jessica: My shift is over at 10, they want me to ease in gradually into the job.
Me: See you at 10, if they have ice cream cakes, save one for us. I'll buy to celebrate your new job.
Jessica: OK ;)

"Everything okay? Do you need to be somewhere?" Mr. Walter asked me while looking up from his laptop screen.

For the past couple of hours, we have been going over our client's history and the opposing side. There were so many variables that needed to be taken into account that I was surprised  because in class, we never went into so much detail. Maybe, because I was only doing it for the second year, but still, I felt like my brain was swimming. The good thing, however, was that I had no time to brood over his good looks or have my imagination go wild. We both worked hard.

The big desk, however, seen better days. So many printed articles, newspaper clippings about the court case. I guess, it's not everyday that someone murders someone.

I sigh and smile. "No, I'm good. I was just checking in on my roommate. Today, is her first day at a new job."

"You guys are best friends?" He picked up fast.

"Yes, Mr. Walter. We're best friends, act like sisters, too." I laugh.

"You can call me Mr. Walter, when we will be in the court room. Call me David. What's her new job?" David said. 

I am happy that I don't have to be formal anymore. Being formal all the time gets tiring.

"Aspen Diner, a couple of streets down from here. I'm really happy she got the job, she hasn't been working for a while," I said, feeling genuinely happy.

"Well now, look what you did, I'm hungry now. How about we work for another hour and then go get food there. You can show some support by eating there, and I don't have to cook so late for myself," David suggested.

I clap my hands together. "That will be great, she's done at 10:00 PM, so we can enjoy food and I can take tons of photos of her working for blackmail."

"No wonder people think that lawyers blackmail all the time," David said and I laugh. "Now, I think there's something wrong about the scene. I'm not a forensic specialist, but I think, that we need to go down there and ask some questions."

He ended up clearing up his schedule for tomorrow by calling  a couple of other clients and I ended up researching about some things that one would find at a crime scene. I didn't think that I would be doing criminal law but it does sound exciting. If David can do it, I can do it, too.

We take two cars to the diner, I get out first and wait for him to pick up his briefcase.

Lesson one for lawyers--- never leave important documents inside a car.

David is a gentleman, he holds the door open and we walk up to the host desk. Jessica is the host. Her eyes widen when she sees me and that I am not alone.

She goes back to being cool. "Welcome to the Aspen Diner. We have all of your favorite meals, will that be a table for two?"

I smile at her, now thinking that this is going to backfire at me later. I will have photos of her working and she will ask for every detail about David when we get home. A two edged sword, it is.

"Yes, a booth please. We had a long day," I told her.

Jessica nods  and picks up two menus. We follow her. When both of us slide in, I introduce them.

"Jessica, this is David Walter, the lawyer I work for. David this is Jessica, my roommate," I said.

"Ah," David said and smiles pleasantly at Jessica. "Congratulations on the new job."

"Nice to meet you," Jessica said evilly. "Anything to drink?"

"Two cold beers." David took the initiative.

"Will be right up,  Madelyn will be your server. I'm done at 10:00 PM so if you don't leave by then, we can talk about the fascinating world of lawyers." She leans in forward and puts her hand to cover the side of her mouth and whispers to David. "Maybe, you can tell me something about Em. I would have something to blackmail her about."

David looks at me that moment and I blush. "You guys are roommates."

Jessica looks confused but walks away because someone called her name.

"Yeah, we are, through and through," I said. 

The End

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