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I waited in a booth at the diner, as I was 30 minutes earlier then my interview. I was not so nervous about this interview as I was about Tyler. I am not a home wrecker, specially after what my mother did to me. Besides, I am only 22 I have my whole life ahead of me. Em says I have daddy issues, as mine was absent most of my life. And mother sure was not a good role model on choosing a man.

Em was the only one who understood me, the only one who sat up many nights pulling my hair back as I vomit from too many drinks. I love her like a sister, and I want her to be happy. My wish is for her to some day find someone special in her life, she deserves it. She was totally right, it's time I get my shit together starting now. I mean how hard can it be right? This whole working thing, I would try my best.

It wasn't long before a middle aged woman named Melinda sat across from me in the booth with her clip board. She asked a series of questions, which I answered as professional as possible. After about twenty minutes she shook my hand , and said I would get a call this evening with their decision. I thought it went pretty well, even though my heart was set on Tyler.

I had an hour to kill, so I decided to visit my favorite boutique along the way. Though we lived in California, we lived in a smaller town then you see on television and the movies. Which is why I had to take the bus into the city when I went out at night. Em was always telling me how dangerous it was, but stubborn me never listened.

I walked into La Belle, and to my surprise Helen was there. "Hello Mrs.Wilson, " I politely greeted. She smiled and replied, "Oh hello dear your up early this morning," I could sense a little sarcasm in her voice, or maybe it was jealousy. Any how I opted on remaining polite as I answered her comment, "Yes I had a few interviews this morning, heading over to your husbands shop in a few," She rummaged through the racks and looked up with a puzzled look, "Oh didn't Tyler call you? The position has already been filled." She seemed to find satisfaction in the disappointment in my facial expression. She continued, "Yeah seems our nephew is coming to stay with us for a while and he offered to help out." Great now my only hope was diner girl, I couldn't go home and tell Em I didn't get either job. "Oh that's great," I forced through a fake smile. "Well have a nice day," I lied as I wandered to the back of the store. "And you to Jessica," she grinned barely.

I admit I was pretty disappointed about Tyler, but maybe it was for the better. I know Em would rather I get the diner job, it would put her at ease knowing I'm not alone with a married man. Not that I have ever dated one before, well I didn't know he was married the one time it happened.

After scanning the racks for a few hours I was ready to catch the bus home. As I waited at the stop my cell rang, it was a number I didn't recognize. "Hello, I answered cheerfully. It was Melinda from the diner, I got the job and she wanted me to come fill out some paperwork. Good thing I didn't get on the bus yet.

After finishing up at the diner, I finally caught the bus home. Apparently they had someone call in, and I was scheduled to start this evening at 5:00 PM. When I got home it was around noon, so I decided to take a little nap before my new venture.

I woke a few hours later from the buzzing of my phone, a text from Em.

Em: so how did it go?

Me: Ugh, I'm the new diner girl I start today at 5.

Em: that's great new, call me when your get off and I will pick you up.

Me: K : )

I was not about to tell her about the irritating conversation with Helen, I would tell her another time. I knew she was probably happy to hear which job I landed, even if she didn't know I only had the one interview.

I jumped out of bed and got in the shower. I had about an hour before I needed to catch the bus, so I grabbed a sandwich and listen to the radio. As I was locking the door my phone rang, WTF?? It was Jason. I can't believe after all this time he had the nerve to call me, but I just let it go to voice mail. I was trying to get my life back together, I didn't need his distractions. Even if I was only just a diner girl.

The End

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