Emily-In Jessica's shoesMature


I don't knock on her door, it's pointless.

If you've seen the movie-Freaky Friday, when you were young... waking up Jessica was very similar to waking up that teenager. Pulling legs and all. I don't pull legs, I just use my brains to get her up but sometimes I don't mind throwing iced cold water in her face or onto her legs. I hover over her and take a breath.

"Wake up, Jessica!" I yelled and with satisfaction see her wake up, except she barricades herself under her blankets.

I think, I hear her mutter, "go away."

I fold my arms over my chest and say, "What did you promise me last night for the cake I got?"

Again, she mutters something. I think she muttered the word, "Interview."

"Good, you remember. Now, you need to go to the diner for the interview and then you can go over to Tyler's shop."  I said evilly. "You have half an hour to get dressed and have breakfast."

Jessica sits up in bed so fast, you would think lightning hit her. "I completely forgot. I was dreaming of nights with a very sexy man. I haven't seen his face though."

"Your car is broken, remember, you need a pay check so you can drive again. You can't be taking buses forever. I'll drive you to the diner, and then you can find your way to that store. So shoo." I scolded and watch her run to the bathroom. I nod in satisfaction and make my way to the kitchen.

I spread the butter over the warm toast and take a sip of orange juice. Ah simplicity of breakfast, I never miss it.

Fifteen minutes later, Jessica walks into the kitchen with way too much make-up on. A prostitute would be proud, but she is wearing a suit. A short black skirt suit, but a suit.

"Em, you're the best for waking me up. Don't worry, both interviews will go well. Wish me luck with the job for Tyler." She drinks a glass of orange really fast and picks up her purse.

"Please, tell me you have your resume printed, two copies," I said and try not to roll my eyes at her day-dreamy expression.

She squeaks and runs away to the shared office.

After that, it's pretty fast. Us driving to the diner, me dropping her off, and me praying that she would get the diner job. Working for Tyler, who's married and lives next door may be bad for her. But, with my luck, she'll probably, end up working for him.

I did remind her on the way to the diner that after my classes, I have some work for a lawyer. He hired me for research about a current case, so I don't know when I would be home. She nodded her head and I decided that she's going to forget that bit of information. On the other hand if she stops drinking and hanging with random strangers by having interest in Tyler, it might be good for her.

I get to law school and park in my usual spot. Jim is already is standing by his car. He grins at me.

"What you grinning about?" I asked. 

"You didn't bite your lip, having a better morning with less stress," he told me.

"Jim, you pay attention way too much," I said and we grab our drinks. 

The classes flow fast by and it's already 5:00 PM when I am released to drive over to the lawyer's office. I haven't met him in person yet.  Our communication is through email or phone, so it is a surprise for me to see him so young.

He looks to be about 35 years old, black hair with some gray stray hairs, probably because of the stressful job, and brown eyes that you want to trust instantly.

"Emily, nice to finally meet you in person. Did you bring the online articles that you found on our Jane Doe," he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Walter. I did. They are in my bag," I answered.

I know I get mad at Jessica dating random guys... not even dating but if she dates men like this, there is an appeal to it. Great, her life style has influenced me.

I shuffle through the bag and pull out the folder with the articles. Our fingers touch as I handed it over to him. Now, I knew how it is to daydream about a guy. It's distracting. 

The End

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