Jessica-Welcome to the neighborhoodMature


I was waiting impatiently for Emily when she pulled up the drive. She always had exceptional taste, so I wasn't surprised at the beautiful cake she had chosen.

I checked the new neighbor's progress a couple times through out the day, and it seemed as if they had retired for the day. The in and out with boxes had come to a halt.

Emily wanted to change into something more relaxing before we ventured over to meet the new neighbor's. It was a pretty safe neighborhood, we all looked out for each other. It was not out of the ordinary to welcome a new member with sugary treats.

"How was class?" I asked Emily as she appeared into the living room. She just gave her usual it was OK shrug and sat in her favorite green recliner. We had decided to go over about 6:00 p.m., so with an hour to kill I flipped the television on. Nothing looked exciting as I scanned through the channels, so I left it on the news.

"About a job interview," Emily's voice broke the silence. I looked at her with my puppy dog face and giggled. Then I sighed, " I know I promise, tomorrow I will." She looked at he with a serious face and replied," Good because I have circled some potential winner for you, I will leave the newspaper on the kitchen table."

Yeah sure I will go to a job interview I thought to myself. That all depends on how my night goes, whether I get lucky or not. Then again Mr. neighbor guy was kind of on my mind as well. You know the whole innocent I'm a lady and need help rouse. It's not that I didn't want to work, I just get bored easily and quit. I really do feel bad about it, I know Em is tired of picking up my half on the rent and bills. She came from money and had plenty to spare, but it truly did hurt my pride to mooch so much.

"It's time to go," Em chimed me out of my deep thoughts. I got up and headed for the hall mirror to make sure every thing was in order. Em sighed, " Really Jess, all that just to take the new neighbor's a cake." I pretended to not here her comment and smiled as I passed her on the way to the front door. We crossed the street, and as we approached the driveway we heard arguing. "Um, do you think we should come back another time?" Emily asked with hesitation. "Heck no," I said proceeding to the front door.

I knocked lightly at the door as I straightened my daisy dress. A short moment later handsome man appeared in the doorway. "Hello, I'm Jessica and this Emily we lived across the street," I said shyly.  With a smile he replied, " Please come in." We followed him into the kitchen and Em sat the cake on the counter. His wife was in the kitchen unpacking the dishes. "Helen, " he called. She appeared by his side smiling, " Oh hello ladies." Her husband spoke next," forgive me I am Tyler Wilson and this is my wife Helen ." I extended my hand and stated, " nice to meet you and welcome to the neighborhood."

We chatted a bit, and the children finally came down as well. Who were introduced as Colton and Caleb, and my guess was right they were twins. We all had a slice of cake and exchanged conversation. I'm not sure what was going through Em's mind but my focus was on Tyler.

Apparently he moved here to take over his father's hardware store. Even better he was in need of a new cashier, and I was more then happy to apply tomorrow morning. After an hour of visiting we headed back home.

"Going out tonight?" Em asked as I headed for my room. "Nope, I have an important interview tomorrow, " I sighed as I disappeared into my room.

The End

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