I left Jessica in the same mind set as the morning before. Brooding over life, after having too much to drink.  I drove to law school in my one-year old mini cooper, which I named Todd. Don’t ask me why I named my car…or made it a guy’s name…I just did. End of story.

My mind raced back to thoughts about Jessica and how to get her back on track. She's the only one that I can trust; both of us understand each other well, but really she can't continue like this. I think that I'll look over jobs section in the newspaper and circle them in red for her. Maybe, she'll actually go to an interview.

I get out of my car and bump into Jim.

“You did it again, Emily,” he said nonchalantly.

“Did what?” I asked irritated and swipe my tongue over my lips. 

“You were thinking too much and bit your lip until blood,” Jim answered, but this time in a way that makes me think he may care a little. Care for a fellow classmate that is.

“Sorry, we're supposed to be going over on how to read the jury in a court room so I was worried that I'll mess up.” I pick up my heavy law textbook and locked the car.

We start on our way to class.

“Yeah, it’s going to be hard today. I was watching ‘law and order’ last night for practice,” he said with a cheeky smile.

“You do know, that the show is entertainment only,” I said and walk over to the coffee stand outside the classroom.

The owner of the stand is Stiles, the perfect man in my opinion. He is a real genius when it comes to coffee and he knows my order by heart. I hand two dollars to Stiles who in return hands me my coffee.

“Stiles, you're the best,” I said.

“You keep saying that Emily and I’ll ask you out,” Stiles joked.

I wave and wait for Jim to get his coffee.

All this talk is good, but all of us know that dating doesn't happen around here. Law school is so busy, that there's no personal life.

~             ~             ~

The class ended up being easier than I expected. We watched a bunch of court cases and received homework on facial expressions.

At the end of class, I receive a text from Jessica.

Jessica: We got new neighbors. The husband has a cute butt.
Me: Jess, do you ever think of anything, but men?
Jessica: Mind stopping by a store and buying a cake or cookies?
Me: What for?
Jessica: You’re slow for a future lawyer, Em. For the neighbors.

I growl to myself before texting back.

Me: Fine, I’ll get a cake if you promise to go to a job interview.
Jessica: Fine!

And that is how I ended up coming home with a cake and a newspaper. 

The End

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