Tainted Saint, Chapter Eighty-NineMature

He had won. Amadeo had won, and it had been all for her. She was the reason he had died; now, a desire to live out the rest of forever with her was his reason for living.

Amadeo wanted to be with Cassandra. He loved her deeply, with a passion that had to be beyond human. It swelled within him, a mystery of total commitment and joy and Love.

All that time, the King had spent, pursuing his bride. He had found her...he had wooed her...he had lost her, but now, he had won the ultimate victory. He was hers, but it was not as though she was merely a trophy to be won over. No, she was far more than anyone could ever understand. She was his heart, his life, his pride, his joy.

Reaching out, Amadeo gently stroked Cassandra's back, as she wept over him. The spirit of contentment and triumph filled the room, a presence stronger than any other that Amadeo had ever known. They had both chosen the other. And though Amadeo knew Cassandra would still struggle with laying her old life to rest, though he could not deny the possibility of her failing to remain completely faithful to him, he also knew that she would never, ever truly leave. Something told him that the day was coming when she was wholly his, when she was no longer even bothered by Hadrian, or any other men who sought her.

Marcos. Gabelle. Lemuel. Xandria. The names of people he loved flooded Amadeo's mind. He was alive, and he would rule his kingdom with the love and wisdom they loved him for.

Cassandra's tears had subsided, and now, she looked up to meet Amadeo's eyes. "Did you hear me say that I choose you?" she sniffed, wiping tears from her eyes as an adorable smile spread across her face. "Did you hear me say that?"

"I did." Amadeo laughed and closed his eyes as Cassandra leaned forward to quickly drop a tentative but meaningful kiss on his lips. When she drew away, clearly surprised and pleased with herself, he chuckled and reveled in the knowledge that she was here to stay. "Did you hear me say I choose you, too?"

The End

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