Tainted Saint, Chapter Eighty-EightMature

"How long has he been like this?" Cassandra asked, from where she perched on her chair. Several minutes had passed since her heartfelt declaration of love, and now, she could only wait. Wait and love. Her heart beat with the hope that was rising within her soul. She wondered why it had taken her so long to come to this conclusion...

"I choose you." Three words, and yet, they were going to topple her world and usher in a new one. She could sense it.

"Three days, exactly," the doctor said, glancing at the clock. He still seemed to resent Cassandra's wellness. "He's been at death's door for three days. I know you both have your hopes of him becoming well again, but it's not going to - " He stopped, his eyes trained on Amadeo.

Cassandra and Marcos followed the doctor's gaze to where Amadeo lay. Something had changed - something subtle, but something definite. Cassandra half-fell, half-leaped from her chair and grabbed hold of Amadeo's hand. Not caring that the doctor seemed disapproving of her actions, Cassandra squeezed Amadeo's hand and waited as the King's consciousness swam to the surface...

...and broke through. Those beautiful, emotion-giving eyes that Cassandra had loved from the first moment she'd seen them opened slowly, until it was clear that Amadeo's focus was on the woman at his bedside.

There was a buzz in the room, probably servants and the doctor and Marcos and anyone else who had dropped in, but Cassandra could only concentrate on what was occurring before her. She waved Amadeo's hand in her excitement, before leaning closer to hear what Amadeo seemed about to say.


Not bothering to hear any other words that might fall from the King's lips, Cassandra gave a great sigh of joy and buried her face in his chest.

The End

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