Tainted Saint, Chapter Eighty-FourMature

"I can't believe he would be so foolish!" Cassandra exclaimed, as she tried to hobble down the corridor to the sickroom. No servants or guards were offering their help, as they most certainly had done for the King. She was forced to walk on her own, though her feet kept trying to slip out from under her.

Eventually, she reached the sickroom door. Without bothering to knock, her hands fumbled at the doorknob, then finally succeeded in opening the door.

"I don't know what you're thinking, Amadeo," Cassandra huffed, practically falling through the door and sitting down in a nearby chair, "but whatever it is, it's absolutely not going to work. I refuse to take any medicine that would save your life - if you would only let it!"

Amadeo did not respond. He only looked at Cassandra, the emotions on his face enough to break even Cassandra's heart of solid ice. Feeling ashamed at her outburst, Cassandra looked away.

"It's not that I don't think what you're doing is noble and chivalrous," she finally whispered. "It's just that...I can't believe you would even consider risking your life to save mine."

The doctor's voice was bitter. "He's not risking his life. He's dooming it."

"So that's it? You'll certainly die, if you don't drink the medicine." Cassandra groaned and leaned back in her chair. "That's sweet - no, it's beyond sweet. It's..." Her mind searched for words. "It's the most Love I've ever seen anyone display. But I absolutely refuse to drink any medicine. I swear, Amadeo, you need to take the medicine." Terror struck her soul, because she knew that when the King's mind was made up, nothing could sway it. "Amadeo?"

"If you don't drink it, Cass, my death will be in vain. Please, don't abuse a gift like that." Amadeo's voice was pleading, even as the fever progressed in its claim on his life.

"But I...can't...accept..." The tears began to fall. "Amadeo, please. Don't give up your life like this. Especially not for someone like me. If you were sacrificing your life for the sake of someone worthy, that would be different, but not me. Please, Amadeo, don't do this for me..."

"I live because of you. What would life be, if you were gone from me? Please, Cassandra!"

Cassandra looked desperately over at the doctor. "Can't you force him to drink the medicine?"

"I've been given orders."

There would be no help, then. Cassandra watched as the one she loved - yes, the one she loved - struggled to stay alive. For her. He lived for her.

What a pathetic reason for living.

The End

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