Tainted Saint, Chapter Seventy-SevenMature

It was then that Amadeo knew he could no longer wait around. He must pursue Cassandra, even though he had a very strong idea as to where she was...who she was with...and what they were doing.

He had not chased Cassandra this far, just to give her up!

Amadeo's feverish hands reached for the door, and he slowly stepped outside. Yes, it would seem that he was contracting the illness Cassandra had brought with her to the castle. But he had chosen to risk getting infected, because Cassandra was dearer to him than his own health.

Than his own life.

He would die for her.

Amadeo was just passing the stables on the way to the garden when he saw a figure running toward him. Lemuel? Lemuel Morris? What was he doing, and why was there such a concerned look on his face?

"Your Majesty," Lemuel said, performing a quick bow before speaking. "Your Highness, I'm sorry...I'm so, so sorry!"

"What? What is it?" Amadeo asked, momentarily pausing in his plight to find Cassandra.

"I saw her. I saw him. Your Highness, perhaps you ought to track her down some other time, when she's not so...occupied."

Lemuel's words and worry were enough to confirm Amadeo's fears. He swallowed hard and met Lemuel's eyes. "I know what she's doing," he said, his voice raspy to even his own ears. "I know who's come for her, and I know what he expects of her." Reaching out, he placed his hand firmly on Lemuel's shoulder and asked in a voice that allowed no argument, "Is she in the garden?"


Amadeo nodded. "Alright. I'll go find them." Heart beating raggedly inside his chest, Amadeo released Lemuel. "Thank-you for telling me. Now...get some sleep or...something." Leave me to find Cassandra.

And find her, he would.

Amadeo's head began to pound with a terrible headache. It was as though the fever was progressing without inhibition, as though the very ugliness of Cassandra's soul was pervading him. It was coming upon him suddenly, but he would tend to his health later.

At the moment, all that mattered was finding his bride.

The End

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