Tainted Saint, Chapter Seventy-SixMature

Cassandra knew where she was going, and what she was searching for. Her diseased soul led her out to the gardens, where she knew who would be waiting for her.

The wind whipped past her ears, wailing. Or was that just her imagination, assuming that nature wailed as Cassandra chose to forfeit a life of complete redemption in order to continue in her sinful ways?

The whisper that met Cassandra's ears was more welcome than anything else had ever been before in her existence.

"Hello, Cassandra-love."

Heart racing with the thrill of seeing him, Cassandra raised her head and set her shoulders back. Yes, he was here. She knew he would be here. She knew he would follow her...wherever she went. The thought of being so possessed by someone so evil both exhilarated and nauseated her.

Who was she, to trade riches for rags?

She was nothing. She knew this much, and she knew it well.

Whispering Cassandra's name softly, the wind continued to whistle through the trees. It seemed as though the branches of those trees were arms, beckoning Cassandra to return to the King, where she truly belonged...

But who was she, to trade rags for riches?

The path in front of Cassandra was clear; she knew where she was going. Her future lay in the fire, her heart, in the gutter. Biting her lip so hard that it drew blood, Cassandra took a deep breath and walked further down the path.

Closer and closer to the evil that awaited her.

"I know you're here," she murmured softly, her heart beating rapidly in anticipation for the one who wanted her - for all the wrong reasons. "I know you've been watching for me."

If Cassandra closed her eyes and thought hard enough, she could imagine the King's voice, begging her to return to him...

She would not think of that, not now. Not when everything she wanted was at her fingertips.

She walked closer.

"Hello, Hadrian."

The End

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