Tainted Saint, Chapter Forty-NineMature

It was early in the morning - the sun had not even come up yet - when there was an urgent knocking on the door of Amadeo's personal chambers. The knocking was so heavy that Amadeo immediately jumped out of bed and swung open the door, his heart pounding.

It had to do with Cassandra. Amadeo wasn't sure how he knew. He just did.

And he was right. The attendant who had awoken the King gestured desperately for Amadeo's attention. "Your Highness, it's her! She's summoned up the audacity to come and see you, even though - "

Amadeo had no need to hear any more. Throwing on his crown and one of his royal robes, he nodded to the attendent. "Take me to her, please," he commanded, though not unkindly.

The walk down to the receiving room could not have taken longer - or at least, it seemed that way in Amadeo's mind. When they finally reached the room where all guests waited until their King arrived, he searched the room with his eyes. There was no sign of Cassandra.

"She was here a moment ago..." the attendant stammered. "I don't know where she could have gone!"

Amadeo could not deny the pang of anger that stabbed his heart. Cassandra, if you've run away again...But even stronger than the anger was the pain. "I can't believe she'd leave," Amadeo said. "Come on. She's got to be here somewhere."

"Your Highness..."

"She's couldn't have gone very far," Amadeo continued. He threw open the door and stalked out.

"Your Highness, I - " the attendant began again.

"You last saw her where?" Amadeo stopped, turning to face the attendant.

"Your Highness, forgive me, but...you seem to be going to a lot of trouble, all for the sake of someone who keeps running away."

The words were extremely irritating. Amadeo was about to respond to them with incredulity when his eyes happened to focus on something near the guest house he'd been readying for Cassandra.

Amadeo's first thought was, Why is Cassandra all the way over there, and not here?

His second thought, fragmented by the emotions that immediately drummed through his veins, was, She's come home!

And he ran to her.

The End

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