Tainted Saint, Chapter Thirty-ThreeMature

The conditions of the inn were absolutely dreadful. Glancing about the room in which he would be staying until he found Cassandra, Amadeo ran a hand through his hair and let out a long breath. The blankets were faded, if not soiled. The window was so ill-fitted that rags had been stuffed in the holes to keep it in place. A cockroach scrambled across the floor.

Turning to face his guards, Amadeo raised his eyebrows. "Well, I guess this is home," he said, trying to be as positive about the situation as possible.

Stationed in the hallway and in other more secretive nearby places, the guards left Amadeo alone in his room. Sighing, Amadeo opened one of the cabinets in the inn. He hesitated, then began to place his belongings in the cabinet. "This isn't as bad as it could be," he said to no one in particular.

Who was he kidding? The place was a mess!

Once in bed, Amadeo tried to ignore the faint but definite smell that the blankets carried. What did they smell like? Body odor, more likely than not...Amadeo's stomach turned. I'd better be able to find Cassandra.

The only reason Amadeo was staying at that particular inn was because all other inns were renowned for the girls for hire that frequented them. Still, Amadeo was not unaware of the fact that many of the rooms around him were filled with less-than-moral characters. Several times during the night, he was awoken from his already fitful slumber by the sound of drunken revelers stumbling to their rooms.

It occurred to Amadeo that Cassandra was probably well-acquainted with men of those types.

In the morning, Amadeo's sleep was shattered by someone pounding on his door. Stumbling groggily out of bed, Amadeo opened the door to see one of his guards waiting for him.

"There's someone here to see you, Your Majesty," the guard said. "I'm sorry - I wouldn't have woken you, except it seems rather urgent, Sire. I'm sorry - " and he continued to apologize profusely as Amadeo hurried to prepare himself for whoever was coming to meet him.

"Is it a man or a woman?" Amadeo asked, hoping against all odds that perhaps Cassandra herself had come to him.

"A man." Amadeo's hopes were crushed.

"Does he say what his name is?" the King inquired further, allowing the guard to help him adjust his robe.

"He doesn't say, my Liege, but he says you'll know who he is once you see him." The guard nodded, his eyes darting nervously back to the hallway. "Sire, I suggest you come quickly." He paused. "I'm afraid he doesn't mean well."

The End

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