Tainted Saint, Chapter FiveMature

It was late in the night when the King's carriage made its way through the castle gates.

As one of the attendants opened the carriage door for Amadeo, the cool night air flooded the King's soul, bringing him back to reality. How long had he been unable to concentrate because of the urchin's soul eyes?

Frustrated with himself, Amadeo offered a soft "thank-you" to the attendant and stepped out of the carriage. It was time to pull his act together. Why, he had hardly even seen the girl! Why was he so unnerved by her? It made absolutely no sense!

And you know what she was, Amadeo. A prostitute.

"And I know who she was - a beautiful soul," Amadeo muttered to himself, despite the fact that the act caused him to receive curious stares.

Setting his shoulders back, Amadeo let out a sigh and tried to clear his head. This was getting downright irrational. Why should one glimpse of someone's eyes shake him so? One glimpse! One glimpse had been all he needed to be completely moved!

One glimpse of those glorious, broken, emotional, provoking, beautiful, stormy, troubled, lovely eyes...

Stop it!

Exhausted by the day's events, Amadeo glanced at the clock. Almost midnight. He might have guessed. And the next day, he would awaken early and start his duties all over again.

"You need a wife."

Taken by surprise, Amadeo turned around to see who had said the words. It was one of his closest confidantes, Marcos. Raising his eyebrows, Amadeo asked, "And why is that?"

Marcos shrugged, a knowing smile crossing his lips. "I don't know. You just...need a wife. Someone to love, and not the kind of love you have for your kingdom. Most kings are married by the time they're half your age. Don't you think it's time?"

"I'll marry when I find the right one."

Marcos laughed. "Well, anytime you're ready to start looking, I'm sure there are many who would jump at the opportunity." He bowed. "I'll leave you to your thoughts, Your Highness."

As Marcos walked away, Amadeo found himself more disturbed by his friend's words than he cared to admit. "There are many who would jump at the opportunity." But would she really?

The End

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