This is a fantasy story about a pair of twins and their tragic story. Inspired by a song

Ina shivered. She hated the rocky walls, floor and roof that she now had to call home. She hated the darkness that would only flee from the fire that she had to tend to all the time.

Daring to get up on her feet, she threw another log onto the fire, and then she stumbled away from the fire, into darkness, before the darkness once again parted around a bend to bright sunlight.

Bright green immediately filled her vision, with a mixture of whites too. A birch forest, although the birch trees were more spread out, and not near their usual height at all.
Ina knew the path that she had to go to reach her goal. Her feet were bare, but she didn’t mind, soft grass lined the ground in this forest, being too young to cover all the undergrowth in life-draining shadows, along with the fact that not too many years ago this had been a region filled with farmers with cattle, or so her big brother had said.

Thinking of her big brother, Ina’s eyes clouded a bit, tears almost breaking free, but she refused to let them. Her brother is okay now; she thought to herself, that he’s just out hunting now. He’d fly back by sunset, like he had promised. A smile broke out on Ina’s face, as she thought what she’d look like when she got wings.

Everyone could change into an avian form when they entered adulthood, her older brother owning a proud hawk form.

Ina broke out of her thoughts as she saw a small figure by the edge of a lake, seemingly fishing. The figure was a young boy, the same age as Ina, and with the same blonde hair.
On quick feet, she ran over to the boy, and hugged him around his waist, laughing as she drew a surprised yelp from the boy, before he too started to laugh.

As both settled down, the youngsters started chitchatting.
“Ina, aren’t you supposed to watch the fire? Brother doesn’t want it dying out. He hasn’t taught us how to make it ourselves yet!”
“Zaen! It’s too dark in the cave! I’m scared… Can’t I stay here with you for now? I put another log in it before I left!” Ina said, big eyes looking up at her twin brother pleadingly.
“Alright, it’s soon sunset either way.”  The boy said with a smile on his lips.

The siblings sat by the edge of the lake, passing thoughts on what they would look like once they got their wings. Perhaps they would look the same, as they shared the same birthday too?

Zaen soon felt his sister’s head on his shoulder. He looked down to see his sister sleeping peacefully, away from the horrendous darkness that his sister feared. He then looked over at the horizon, to see the start of the sun setting, the sky gaining a slight orange hue.

Squinting his eyes, Zaen noticed a speck in the distance. Soon it grew in size, to a size where he could see it moving in a rhythmic motion, and gaining a more brown color.

A smile spread out on Zaen’s lips once again, as his big brother was coming back.

The End

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