Tai JusticeMature

The Evil Goro is on the lose as well as his minions who can save this earth from this evil? Tai Justice get ready for a superhero like no other as waves of villains come his way including a villain that will not be revealed in this series.


 Year 2050

location: unknown

Boom! the bomb explodes as everything gets blown away houses are torn to bits and a dark fiqure lays on the ground motionless. It's head cracked open by the hard landing, as the dark blood seeps towards the sewer drain. A tall fiqure like 6'8" and wights 245 lb of solid muscle, no not Prince Goro from mortal kombat he does have hair on his head along with the straght ponytail. This Goro is from another galaxy another relam, another planet similar to it's sister saturn. but what on earth is this tall creature doing on this planet earth.Is  he looking to destroy this earth? or rule it perhaps? we don't know what his intenions are, but as you read on this story you will see things that are normal beyond compare. A story so futureristic that it's only can be aptempted once.

The End

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