A Few Great Moments

"Hello? Yes, that's excellent news. Well done officer, you country owes you a great debt. Yes? Yes, it's a shame you only managed to detain one of the suspects yes, but none-the-less I commend the efforts of you and your team. Sorry to cut you short but I'm entering a conference now. Yes, begin the interrogation. No, thank you officer."

I put my phone and silent and slip it into my pocket, take a deep breath, adjust my tie and walk out of City Hall. I have some good news for the City.

Cameras blink and flash, reporters clamour for attention but things quickly die down. I keep my face blank, but behind the facade I'm grinning from ear to ear.


"There are precious few moments in a mans life that make him great, that make him stand tall, proud. One of those moments is when a man stands up for his country and fights for what he believes in."

I wring my hands and stare the reporters in the eye.

"As you are all aware, in light of the attacks on our great nation, people are in a state of fear and shock but we are a strong people and we stand tall and move forwards towards a future where every man, woman and child can live without fear."

"However, there are those among us that want to keep us down. Want us fearful, want us to lose faith in everything that makes us who we are. These terrorists that skulk through the night, praying on innocent victims and spreading propaganda of fear and hate. Terrorists like the infamous Red5 and his cohorts."

"Today is one of the few moments people. I pledge that all we can do will be done to bring these people to justice, to make you feel safe in your own homes and to counter the fear-mongering of these vandals. Thanks to the fantastic work of our police force and their anti-terrorism unit, we have already arrested several suspects this morning."

The reporters start yelling questions, I nod to one and he calls out.

"Don't you feel the term terrorist is a bit strong?"

I was expecting this.

"No, not at all. Terrorist exist to spread terror. This Red5 spreads propaganda to inspire fear and doubt in the hearts and minds of every person who sees his vandalism. The tragic murder is just the first step in an escalation of assaults on the people of the great City, both mentally, physically and spiritually. This man and his group must be stopped now before their terrorism results in even greater tragedy."

Another nod.

"Red5's controversial work often makes several allegations against you and towards well known... entrepreneur... Victor Grozny. Would you care to comment?"

"Of course, how best to spread fear and doubt than to attack two of our most prominent public figures? Reduce faith in the very government that you elect to protect and serve you, and when the attacks come we as a people are weakened by their own mistrust. On Mr. Grozny, I can of course not comment and I recommend you speak to him about Red5's attacks upon his reputation. No further questions please."

With that, I walk to the car that's just pulled up for me. I want to see this suspect for myself, see the face of Red5 and have him know, truly know, that I have defeated him.

My heart is pounding like a drum. Today is one of those moments.

The End

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