Much Luvs, Puppy

Dear Mr. Editor,

I saw your mean picture in the paper today and it made me very sad and I almost puked, but not really. I think some of you are being liars and you really shouldn't because you don't know WHAT will happen.

Red didn't do that because he was way too scared-looking and I think he might have been friends with the dead guy but I don't know. I think I asked him but maybe I didn't and it was only in my head. That happens sometimes. Besides, anyone who would spray paint him [the dead guy, I mean] after he killed him is just gross.

WILKERSON IS A BIG FAT LIAR!! He isn't so nice like you think he is! There's a girl out here who cries sometimes because of him and it's not just me.

It was the thugs who did it [killed the guy, I mean] and I can't say who they are even though I know. Sorry.

Your mailman doesn't deliver to me anymore. I'm not sure if you're the person I should talk to about this but I wanted to write it down in case you could fix it.

Much Luvs!

Puppy :)


I added the smiley face so they would know I'm not some crazy person. I probably shouldn't have written it on the back one of the Rebel Voice sheets, but I don't have much choice. One of the others out here offered me a notebook page but he uses it for "musings of deep and demented philosophy" and I don't want to impose.

I sure hope he likes it.

The End

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