There was a knocking at the car window.

"Hey, Charles man, it's..."

I wound down the window.

"Hey, Charles man, it's nearly 8!"

"In the morning?" Charles croaked.

"Ha, swing and a miss. Anyway, come inside, got a friend coming round soon, figured we should freshen up before he arrives."

Charles made his way out of the car and decided to bring the bag of beer inside with him.

They cracked open a bottle each while the host disappeared upstairs and came back with a small bottle with a pipette on the top.

"Got a nice bit of 'cid from one of the lads last night. Dan, who's coming round in a bit, is a proper space cadet, thought we'd have a journey tonight."

He meticulously squeezed two drops into each of our beer bottles, passed Charles one and said.

"Bottoms up!" And grinned.

Two hours, eight beers, and four more drops of sunshine later, Dan arrived.

"hOw wE guYs DOing?" He enquired.

"N'yeAh, we'Re fIne, Dan. thIS IS ChArLes by THe wAy. cHArleS, DaN."

"toP o' The mORNiNg, mAteEY. hoW We FeELing?"

"nOT Bad tHaNKs, jUST LiVIn' liFe..."

"LivING Life, eh? Life'S aN inTERestiNG One," Dan added, "wITH eVERy moLeCULe haVINg it's owN LifFE, EVERY inANImaTe objEcT rUNning thRoUgh a timE sPan, durATIOn. ThEIR oWn timE bEIng a sMALl pARToF thE biGGer pictURE."

"It's like AnY wELl asSEMbleD mACHine. SoMeTiMes smAll pArtS wEAr out beCAuSe it'S theIr Time, buT ThE mAcHiNe stILL goEs on, REpaiREd, reNUwed, oR JUst aDaPting." Piped up Charles' old friend.

"so WHAT yOU're sAYiNg is tHAt mY liFe is oNLy paRt of The biGGEr picTUre?" Charles asked.

"YeS. bUt THat doeSN't maKE yoUR LiFE anY lEss thAn AnOThEr liFe. Its imPoRTance is sTiLL Equal oF The WHOle mAChine. aND sTILl haS pLeNty of pOwer iN tHe bIGGEr PicturE. but tHIS is Of yoUr oWN doINg." Answered Dan.

"All oF THe unIVErSe is cONnEcted. EvEryTHiNG Is ONE, so fOr you TO bE juSt liVIN' lifE is cONtEntMEnt. wiTh tHat staTEMenT yoU aRe doIng tHE cOMplEte opPOSitE, yoU'Re waStiNg lifE." Charles' old friend stated.

"I kNOw. I'vE StARTed tO fEEl thAt Way reCENtlY, thIs iS wHY I'm Here. i cAN't jUSt liVe lifE, tHIngs neeD to cHAngE. I nEEd aSSurAncE oN wHAT I'm dOing. I FeaR I'm gOiNg to eXTReMe meAsUres As a reAcTion tO tHe cuRRent sTate Of oUr tiMe." Charles opened.

"That IS it. ThAt's tHE clArity of poTENtial. ThAt's the cHAnge, chaNGe wIll reTurn sUCcesS, an iLluMiNatiOn of CHAos, lET thE unKOwn haPpEn aNd frEE iT frOm its cUrRent bINding." Dan exclaimed while slowly manoeuvring from a sitting position to a laying position on the sofa.

Charles also felt himself sinking into his furniture of choice. He turned his head and saw his host nearly upside on his beanbag and most probably asleep.

"PRoBAbly bESt tO Get soMe SlEPeEehGuyS...?.."

The End

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