He reached Glasgow at 5am. He couldn't remember much of the journey but there was lots of scribbles from, he presumed, the permanent marker lying without a lid on the passengers seat. In the back he had three shopping bags that he could see, one of them full of beer with some open bottles.

He wasn't so sure about his plan now, but the 300 miles back seemed worse than knocking on the door of an old friend at five in the morning.

Strangely enough, his friend was awake.

"No bloody way! Charles, man, what the hell you doin' here?"


"Ah, tell me later, I got some mates round. I mean, we're all coming down a bit now, but the conversation is still ripe, and there's some smoke."


"Excellent stuff. Tell you what, I'll put the kettle on, no sugars right? And you can just park your arse on one of the bean bags, or hey, you could be crazy and use a chair!" He started to laugh, slightly manically, but Charles knew this man. This was the ordinary.

"So, anyway," One of his friends piped up. "If you think about the way alcohol is treated on this island, and the completely different way drugs are treated on this island, it's quite obvious to see where the problems are coming from and how a solution can be made."

"Aye, well, we would first need a feckin' MP to stand up, make these valid points, and try to keep it quiet if he's a damn pothead himself!" The skinhead who said this then passed the joint to Charles. The others looked at him, maybe waiting for a comment or insight from the newcomer. Maybe they knew he was a teacher. Would that work for him or against him, he wondered. Before he could further his thoughts, his friend came back with the tea.

"Are these guys trying to make you think we should legalize all drugs then, Charles?" He passed the cuppa to Charles. "Aye, they have good points but how long would it be until we corrupted that system? Five years down the line, ten? Would all the new chemical drugs be allowed? If so, what would be created next? It's opening a scary hole"

"Yeah..." Charles managed. "Look, I've had a really long journey." He passed the joint on. "Would there be anywhere I could crash for a bit, I've got a favour I need to ask of you and I feel it's going to take a lot of explaining and a clearer head."

"Aye, right, well then. I'm practically messing my pants with anticipation like, but we's full up here. No room at the inn an' all that."

"Yeah, I should've realised, sorry. Right, sod it. I'll be back, well, whenever I wake up, you'll probably see the light of day first, trust."

He muttered some goodbyes and stumbled out of the door. He got into the backseat of his car and moved all of the beer bottles and bags into the boot. And with that, he instananeously fell into a dreamless sleep, sprawled out in the backseat of his car.

The End

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