Damaged Goods

He started feeling the uppers just as Howlin' was explaining that he wasn't built for speed. He decided to pull over until he'd reached contentment with his new sensory feelings. A cigarette was rolled and he decided to give a lecture to the open air.


"The damage is already done. The McDonalds workers, the petrol station employees, the toilet cleaners and the potato peelers. These are the failings are the education system, these are the failings of the university's. Yes, these are jobs that need to be done, and yes, some people who do them are educated, inspired and ambitious, but there are some people who can do little more than these mundane and miserable jobs. And not through any fault of their own. This is because the disillusioning effects of classrooms, of teachers, of year groups, of grades, competition for the children of today and the chancers of tomorrow. Grades, marking, A+, C-, what does that teach? I doubt that there is anyone here today who hasn't felt the fear, who hasn't felt the fear completely take over during an exam, opening that results letter, heck, even standing up and giving a presentation in front of the people you've grown up with becomes a social nightmare. And you wanna know why? If they mess it up they are at the mercy of not only their teacher, but their fellow students, because they feel, no, they believe it, yes believe it right to mock the fool thanks to the idiots who have allowed this scenario to happen. No! Not just allowed, they have created this scenario, they have manipulated the group mentality and made it point the finger."


He ends this with a dramatic point of his finger towards the invisible masses, but with it drops his cigarette.

He gets back in the car feeling buzzed from his moan at midnight.

The End

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