I will not be the last.




"The thoughts of desperation. A contentment, no, an acceptance of mediocrity or worse that is created by the paranoia that appears and grows in group situations. Like in a classroom, like in an office, like in a squadron."


He picked up his coat and left the room. The bitter irony of this subject being taught had been eating at him for days. The best thing for a sociology class to do would be to study themselves and the current system their in, he thought, but no, instead they want to talk about the falling of capitalism, the bigger things.

He turned around and went back into the lecture room.


"Right, I'm finishing early. If you have any questions could you please make note of them and I'll gladly answer them next week. Also we'll be preparing for a project soon so it could be an idea to refresh your knowledge you've all attained over the last 4 months and generally mentally prepare yourselves...

...with sex, drugs and post-rock music." He added under his breath.


He got in his car and put on his Howling Wolf album. Not his usual choice but he was feeling unusual. It was going to be a long drive and he knew the Wolfman would make the drive, along with the uppers.

The End

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