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Before I start writing my fan fiction, I thought I would start with a brief intro into what happens in the movie before my writing.

Princess Mononoke is created by Hayao Miyazaki (Director of My Neighbor Totoro) and starts off with an 18 year old Emishi prince called Ashitaka. It is set in old time Japan, and revolves around the old folk lore and legends of the time.
Ashitaka and his rare red elk Yakul are returning from the uplands when the Wise Woman of the Emishi village calls everyone in after the watch man sees something in the forest. The journey begins when Ashitaka goes to find out what is going on.
The boar god Nago has been poisoned with hatred and has turned into a demon that is attacking the Emishi people. Ashitaka fights this god and kills it with his bow and arrow, but in the process it touches him, and he is cursed with the same hatred.
A ball of iron is found in the boars body, and it is said that this is what killed him and angered him so. The Wise Woman tells Ashitaka that the curse will soon consume him and cause him pain before killing him. He leaves his village never to return in search of a cure.
After travelling far and wide to the west, Ashitaka finds a small settlement and saves them from samurai's. He meets Jigo, a man who claims to be a monk. They travel out of the village, and Jigo tells the young prince of a place called Iron Town. Ashitaka believes the iron bullet came from there, and the next morning him and Yakul leave.
Next, they find a magical place, a wood where the Spirit of the Forest lives. He rescues two men from a river and that is the first time he sees Princess Mononoke, San, princess of gods and beasts. He sees her with the wolf god, Moro, and her two wolf cubs. Moro has been shot, and San is sucking the blood from her wound.
Ashitaka calls out to them, but San rides away on one of the wolves and tells him to go away. He leaves her alone, then takes the two injured men through the forest, let by Kodama, white tree spirits that signal that the forest is healthy.
They find a place where there is water and soft moss and rest. That is the place where gods and demons lived. Ashitaka sees a deer like creature with many antlers.
Later, Ashitaka returns the men to Iron Town, and he is allowed to stay. He meets Lady Eboshi, and she tells him why she shot the boar. He is half satified, but his infected arm tries to kill her. The next day he plans to leave, when San and her wolves attack Iron Town. He follows her, trying to convince her not to harm anyone and to get out before she is killed.
Her and Lady Eboshi fight, and after all the hatred Ashitaka feels, his arm begins to writhe and it glows with the demon inside of it. He breaks appart the fight, tells Lady Eboshi that there is a demon of hatred inside of her too. He takes San after stunning both of them, and leaves Iron Town. He is shot with an iron rifle, but keeps walking.
Riding Yakul out to the mountain, he meets up with San's wolves. Ashitaka is dying. They meet the ape tribe, who throw sticks and stones at them. San reasons with them; they want to eat Ashitaka, because the humans destory the trees they plant.
San takes Ashitaka and Yakul to the forest water again and rests him on an island. During the night, the Forest Spirit heals his wound, but not the demon curse.
The Boar Tribe returns to the forest in the morning, and they threaten to kill all the humans. Moro tells their leader, Okkoto, that they must not harm San or Ashitaka. Ashitaka tells him that their old leader, Nago, was killed by him because of the demon curse. The boars leave to fight the humans. Moro admits that she is dying because of the bullet in her chest.
San nurses Ashitaka back to health. He speaks with Moro, who is stubborn. She wants to kill Lady Eboshi. She believes that the humans will kill the forest, and nothing Ashitaka can do can stop it.
Ashitaka leaves at sunrise, as Moro tells him. He gives one of the pups a necklace that Kaya, the girl he was engaged to in Emishi, had given him to take to San.
Back at Iron Town, the Boar Tribe is attacking. San wished to stop them, but Okkoto took his boars on, and they kept fighting the humans. Iron Town is destorying the forest.
They fight, and all of the boars appart from Okkoto are killed. Ashitaka returns and helps free one of the wolf pups from under a dead boar. They go in search of San and Okkoto, and Lady Eboshi.
In the magical forest of the gods, Lady Eboshi is leading her warriors to fight the Forest Spirit for his head. They made a deal with Jigo that he would get the head for all his fighters. Okkoto was shot and became a demon, and San followed him trying to stop it. He is tricked by the humans who wear his boar's skins. Moro and Okkoto fight, and the Forest Spirit comes and takes both of their lives. Lady Eboshi arrives when the Forest Spirit is taking the form of the Night Walker, and fires at him. He is beheaded, and the forest begins to die.
Ashitaka tries to tell them to give the head back, as the dying body of the Forest Spirit is searching for it and destorying everything in its wake. San is infected and both her and Ashitaka are at the point of death of their curse. They regain the head and offer it to the dying spirit, and once again peace is restored.
Many were dead, and Lady Eboshi changed her mind that she would from then on leave in peace with the forest, and they would build a new Iron Town after it being destroyed. San and Ashitaka part ways, one going back to care for the forest and the Wolf Clan, and the other going back to help build Iron Town.

The End

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