Synopsis of Love

My take on love; how it feels when present, how it feels when absent, when given, when taken, shown, told, torn, ripped apart from your hands, etc. This is love and hate, pleasure and pain. At least, that's what I hope it will be viewed as.

"I love you."
Three simple words,
Eight little letters,
But with so much meeting.
Said casually,
And met with a smile,
A giggle,
Maybe even a repeat of the phrase.
But said soulfully,
From the heart?
Met with surprise,
Outright fear.
Are we so afraid to love,
To feel?
I would hope not.
And yet,
Isn't it human nature to love,
To feel,
To care for someone as your own,
Even as yourself?
Life without love,
Without passion,
Without emotion,
Is simply
And perfectly
A waste,
A void,
Not even worth
The pumping,
The beating,
Of a heart.

The End

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