Symphony Of The City

The city at night.

Moon lighted glimmered, shining on the rushing river. The only sound in the silent city was the flowing waves hitting against the rounded rocks. Buzzing street lamps lined the street like stern soldiers waiting for commands and the gleaming florescent light of the twenty four hour pharmacy zapped and sparked while a brave fly charged at it. As the wind picked up for a moment, the dust motes, always present but never noticed drifted through the air waltzing to the city's silent symphony. The wind sung a happy tune, picking up the occasional plastic bag making it pirouette and dance like a marionette and the wind was its master. A scurry of scraping paws could be heard before the loud accent of a metal bin lid hitting tarmac resonated through the silence. Whatever animal who had found it's dinner munched happily at the still warm fish thrown out by the chinese restaurant next door. Somewhere far away glass shattered and an alarm coloured the air, loud and unrelenting. A body lay curled up in a doorway, wisps of warm breath curled and disappeared while he dug deeper into the blanket wrapped tightly around him. Wisps of smoke meandered out of a chimney before absconding. The curtains in the houses and apartments that filled the city were all drawn while the sleeping inhabitants dreamt. Only occasionally would a light shine through the curtains, displaying the shadows of people behind them, sharing a drink or talking deep into the night. Deep in the city a building was crumbling, bits of red brick dust falling until being whisked away, along with the secrets it held, in the currents of the wind. The deteriorating building seemed to sigh in relief.

The End

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