Sylvia's Dream

Sylvia sees a play about a princess. When she goes to sleep that night she dreams about being a princess.

"But Daddy, I really want to go! Everyone else in my class is going to it. Why can't I?" I pleaded my Dad.

"I told you Sylvia if you asked one more time you will be grounded." he said madly.

"I really want to go. It's the only Princess play that will ever be in Olympia this year." I said on the edge of crying.

"Fine. But I have to ask your mother. Ok? After I do if she says yes then you and her can go."

"Thank you Daddy!" I scream hugging him tightly.

"When is it playing again?" he asked.

"Tommorow at eight." I answer walking to my room to get ready for bed.

I slip on my pjs and fall into my bed. Falling asleep instantly.

The End

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