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Sybillen, born in the Holy Place of Syriatiun, grew up without a father during the War of Kena during the year of the Klien. Sybillen stood a little over 6 feet tall, with a strong build. He was in his mid-twenties when he soon followed the set tradition; becoming an average soldier in his King’s army. Brash, but yet confident, Sybillen had fought many wars. By the year of the Jensia, he had won four major battles, including the liberation of Cintsenia. He had built up an armor stronger than that of which he wore, mentally incapable of feeling remorse.

However, that all ended when his home city was attacked. Loud thunderous booms rang out as cannons struck the walls of his city. His own home being invaded – the heart of the Holy Place of Syriatiun – being raided by the Sand People of the East. A creaking noise was heard as ladders went up, trying to scale the wall that protected the city. The wall had been built to be seen as indestructible, but with years of no one daring to attack the strongest of the warring cities, it had been somewhat neglected. Bricks flew about, stray cannons hit the men. Soon, the walls came falling down.

The incursion hit hard, yet swiftly. Sybillen moved to the back of his unit, looking to his left, then to his right. Anger and spite filled his body as he watched his friends, family, and fellow soldiers die around him. Armor dented, face covered in adversaries’ blood and slashing his way through the oncoming enemy waves, he fought with swiftness and little grace.

Units, once assigned to guard the gate were dead. Those who were above, on the wall, had fallen to their demise. And the General finally gave the order no one was ready for. All knew it went against customs when the General yelled out.

“Soldiers, gather the women and children and leave! We cannot win this war.” The General’s tone was urgent, grave. The soldiers knew to follow orders, no matter what they held high in their beliefs.

Reluctantly, Sybillen did just that. As he turned his back however an arrow struck him in his shield arm, through his bracer. He growled and broke the shaft, and started running at a steady pace.  The smell of burning wood was strong, the smoke blinded his eyes, and it only got worse the closer he got to his house. He took the orders and left; leaving his city, leaving his fellow soldiers, and most importantly, leaving his home.

Traveling through the dense forest that once surrounded his beautiful city, Sybillen realized he had to make a decision. What would he do, now that he left the front lines of a war? Surely the King would be pissed, and he’d possibly be lynched – despite following orders from his General. It was too late to turn back.

Sybillen walked through the forest aimlessly for six days and seven nights. Living off of the skills he learned as a soldier, he fed on plants and stayed near the stream that flowed through the forest. Eventually he found a small section that was not plagued by tree roots, a place of which he could rest his head for a bit, to regain the energy he lost. He felt his body tire as he laid down, not realizing how weak he was by then.

Upon awaking, he found he was in a well-furnished room. A mahogany table, in front of the couch of which he laid, contained a bottle of wine and two glasses. Standing up, he quickly fell down. No sooner than falling did the door to his left open. A striking woman, no younger than 20, entered the room. She gave off this aura, a company that was reassuring to him.

"Who the hell are you and where am I?" He asked.

"I am Alirina. And you are in my chamber,” Alirina stated matter-of-factly. Alirina was almost a full foot shorter than him, but provided more power in the way she acted than he could ever attempt to show. Sybillen looked around for a second, considering his next question.

“How did I, if you may answer, did I end up here?”

Her smile gentle. “It’s a trick of ours. If you choose to stay, you will learn it soon enough,” she answered, while pouring the wine. “As for why you are here, you were chosen by your General. Your General was one of us. You will be, soon, if you choose this path. While you were not the best soldier in your unit, you had more of the potential we were looking for, Sybillen. Get some rest, now. In the morning, you shall decide your fate.” 

The End

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