Too Bad

I appreciate the open-mindedness. Some women get all freaked out for no real reason. It was not a big deal, just an afternoon in jail until my parents came to bail me out.

Yes, I am straight. I just like the way it looks. It could have been an eyebrow ring, or a labret, but I went for something more mainstream.

Yeah, it did not really sound like she was all that open-minded. Usually saying you won't hold something against someone meant you just might. It really was no big deal, and it was a long time ago. Not that she had asked for details. It gave him a bit of a bad feeling, like he shouldn't have mentioned it. He probably shouldn't have, but it had seemed like she wanted to freak him out so he'd sort of decided to share the shock tactics. Then she made a big deal about the earring. It was hardly a huge deal. Not like it was some big, dangling monstrosity. She was the one who was a bit weird when he freaked about her having a kid.

That's too bad that you have plans. Hopefuly you'll manage to swing by.

Maybe he should take this as a sign. So far she was acting a little weird. Who the heck freaked out about earrings these days? Most of the guys he knew had them or had at one point or another. Now she was sounding less than sorry she couldn't make the gig. She didn't even suggest some alternate. Definitely did not sound like a woman who was interested in actually meeting up, or at least not in going to the gig. So much for that. After all her hinting, the fact that she was less than enthusiastic was not good.

It sounded like perhaps he should call that girl that gave him her number the other night. So far he hadn't, but now it was seeming like a way better idea. She had been to a few gigs, and she liked his earring. Just question of whether he should wait until the gig, see if Kat showed, blow her off now, or just stop getting in touch with her. His fingers tapped the keys a few times. Oh well. Thursday wasn't that far away. Might as well wait.

Guess I might  see you Thursday. If not, hope you have a good time with whatever you are up to.


The End

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