Thursday Gig


Okay, the jail stuff sounds a little scary, but I have to admit, my little brother went through something similar, so I'm not going to hold it against you. 

<< Sounds like he could have drug / anger / violence issues.  I'll definitely be doing a background check on this guy before I get alone in the same room with him. >>

I guess the thing that is really bothering me is the earring... I mean, you are straight right?? I'M JUST KIDDING!!!  I just haven't dated many guys that wear jewelry; but hey, I'm open-minded.  

<< I'm not THAT open minded.  If we start dating I WILL get him to quit wearing that thing. >>

As for Thursday, that sounds very cool, but I have some plans that I can't back out of.  If at all possible though, I'm going to try and stop by to hear you, but I can't make any promises. 

<< I'm definitely going to stop by to see what he looks like.  If he's cute, I'll introduce myself and flirt, but then say I have to run. >> 

Good luck Thursday if I can't make it!


The End

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