Crazy times

Staring at the email he'd received from Kat he had to admit he had been avoiding responding to it. Call it a feeling that this was going to end badly, call it chickening out, the opening few lines alone made him think about running like hell. Sadly, running just wasn't in his nature. Not anymore. He'd tried that before and it hadn't worked out so hot. So he was going to keep trying at this.

Hey Kat,
Sorry I haven't responded for a bit. Life got a little hectic between work deadlines and a couple gigs. Anyway, I'm not sure how diplomatic I am, I just try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Plus emails just don't communicate that clearly if you know what I mean. Body language helps so much, tone of voice, all that sort of stuff.

Why the heck was she trying to harrass him on purpose? He'd get it if they were friends, or if she knew more about him but he had to say it seemed more like she was trying to push him hard enough to see if he was going to run. Made him wish he ran, because that just did not seem good.

Yeah, honesty is definitely a good policy. So... in the interest of that, I should probably mention that I've been arrested before. Nothing big, and it was a while ago. But I guess some women aren't ok with that regardless of the reasons. I was young, stupid, and on substances that aren't exactly legal. Some friends and I did some property damage. I ended up in mandatory counselling, and got my life straightened around.

He hoped that was enough honesty for her. And pot didn't count. It was an occasional thing. Plus he wasn't sure what side of single mom she fell on. Sounded like she hadn't done anything wild and crazy in a while, but she might be looking to. Maybe. He just couldn't help being a little wary of single moms after watching a couple guys in the band go through incredible messes.

Well, you're way ahead of me on the marathons. I think I could run a couple blocks if I had to. I'm in ok shape, just not really an athlete. I hit the gym when I have some time, and I rollerblade a bit.

Plus he considered other forms of exercise a whole lot more fun. Not that he had a regular routine for that lately. But there was something less than appealing about running for no reason or hopping on a bike that goes nowhere.

About me. Well, I'm 6'0, brown hair, blue eyes. A few freckles, although I will deny it if anyone asks. A couple tattoos, an earring. I play in a band, although I've done a couple solo things. Usually ends up being lounge lizard type stuff though, and it isn't really my favourite. I like playing stuff that's somewhere in rock or alternative. Maybe some people would call it pop even. I've written a couple songs, although I don't know how good they are.

As for my style... I don't know. Clean? I'm more at home in jeans and t-shirts, but work has me dressing a little more nicely than that. I have a leather jacket I love.

Married? Him? Scary thought. He was starting to think that maybe one of these days he was going to settle in with someone, but he wasn't sure if he was ready to actually get married. Or if he ever would be. But at least she hadn't asked how many women he'd slept with, or how long his last relationship was or any of that sort of thing. Sometimes it was better to leave the past in the past. But it felt like she was testing him. And he wasn't a fan of that feeling. If she was trying to find out if he was ready to get married she should just ask.

Never been married. I guess I was kinda close a really long time ago. Thought about asking the question, even started looking at rings. Then I realized that I wasn't doing it because I wanted to, just because I felt like she expected it. That wasn't a good enough reason to me, and I have to say I'm glad I didn't.

Yeah, let her digest that. There would be no pushing him into something, that was for sure.

Lasagna, huh? That sounds good. Now I'm getting hungry and all that's in my fridge is some questionable leftovers. But I guess someone would have to ask me over for me to get fed, wouldn't they?

Ok, it was a little rude, but after she'd pulled that sort of line out on him he figured it was only fair. But it left him considering things. She was obviously hinting, bigtime, about the two of them meeting up. Made him wish she was one of those women who would just lay it on the table instead of hint until he asked. What was wrong with her asking him out? This definitely was not looking good. He just wasn't quite willing to throw in the towel yet. He probably should. He'd found the number that girl from the show the other night had shoved in his coat pocket. But it wasn't his style. Not to give up on something until he was sure it was time to give up, and not to call one girl while he had another on the hook so to speak.

Ok, so my band has a gig this Thursday. The doors open at 9pm at the *****, show starts probably around 10. I'd ask you out for dinner or something first, but I have to be there for sound check, warm up, all that stuff. If you wanted we could do something first, but it would leave you hanging around for at least an hour before the place even opened. Probably pretty boring. But we could go somewhere after if you didn't have to work too early.

Let me know.

Alright, he'd finally done it. Now they'd find out if this was worth the trouble he'd put in so far. Not that it had been a ton of effort, but still. If she was up for it, great. If not, he wasn't going to offer something else. That was her job.


The End

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