You're so diplomatic.  I appreciate a guy that can endure my personality... (especially when I'm blatantly trying to harass you.)  haha. 

<< This guy is being too diplomatic.  I've got to harass him some more to get him to loosen up.  He's trying to be too polite. >>

 And don't stress about me having a daughter.  I just wanted to give you full disclosure from the beginning.  You know, honesty... best policy, that sort of thing. 

<< This guy is officially on thin ice at this point.  What's with this 'deer in the headlights' crap?  Has he seriously never heard of single mothers?  >>

Let's see... on to the looks department.  I can't recall too many complaints.  I go running a couple of times a week, (I've done a couple of half marathons) so there's not too much extra stuff jiggling around if you know what I mean.  You can draw your own conclusions there.  I have kind of short hair just because it's easy to take care of, but I think it's still cute.  Not sure what else to tell ya.

<< As much as I want to, I'm not going to brag.  I'd rather tell him enough to reassure him, and let him be pleasantly surprised when he sees me. >>

So what about you?  Give me some details?  Tell me about your music.  Do you play solo, or with a group? What's you style?  Ever been married?  Ever been close?  You know, all that good stuff!   Meanwhile, I'm headed up to the grocery store.  I'm cooking for some friends tonight.  I make EXCELLENT lasagna! ;)

<< Maybe I can entice this guy with some Italian food...  >>

Write back soon!

The End

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