Ask, huh?

Well crap. He hadn't meant it to sound like he was insulting puppies or something. He had nothing against puppies. Just those tiny little dogs that yapped all the time. They just made him feel rather like he was losing his masculinity just looking at them.

Nono, I love puppies. They're cool. Honest. I'm just not a fan of little dogs, like when they're grown up.

Ok, not great, but oh well. He had stuck his foot in his mouth, although he had a feeling she might be teasing him a bit. Hopefully. He wasn't quite sure if she had much of a sense of humour yet, and he was feeling a little off balance because of it. Emails stunk for getting that sort of thing across unless the person tried.

Reading the next paragraph, he let out a slow breath. Ok. That was better. She wasn't expecting some insta-dad or something. Thank goodness. Plus he respected that she wanted to protect her little girl. It seemed rough to him for a kid to not have that stability he'd had growing up. He would have hated to have some guy in and out of his mom's life.

I appreciate your honesty about having a daughter. I probably came off a bit like a deer in headlights or something. Hopefully you'll forgive me for that. And it sounds like a good way to do things, not trying to throw everyone together right away and stuff. I am sure that if things went well I would eventually love to meet your daughter, I just would like some time to get to meet her mother first. Not to mention the fact that you could probably use some time to just get out and have fun.

Ok, so she was throwing out the hint. God he hated that. He had suggested the idea of her coming to a show but he hadn't asked since maybe that wasn't her kind of thing. Instead of saying she would like that, or that she enjoys concerts or likes music, she makes it look like he hasn't done his job or something. An eyeroll later, he shrugged it off. This email thing was definitely not going to be his favourite way to get to meet women. Or maybe it was just this one. But people were different in person.

If we're going to talk about meeting up, I should probably know what you look like. Do you have a picture you could send? Or if you're not quite comfortable with that, then  just tell me what you look like. Wouldn't want to start talking to the wrong woman. And I'll send you my picture if you'd like. The polls say I'm a good-looking guy, and I believe them. ;)

Definitely time for this if she's trying to get something more definite on the meeting up sometime thing. Shouldn't she be more cautious or something? He could be an axe murderer for all she knows. He stared at the screen, trying to decide if he should mention a show in particular without having seen what she looks like, or at least had a description. Although people fudged facts alot with those. He'd seen what "a few extra pounds" could mean on profiles. He wasn't completely shallow, didn't expect a woman to look perfect. But he was not going to go out on a date with a woman he did not want to see naked. 

Now that I know you'd be interested in coming to see a show, I just might get around to asking.

The End

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