Hey Kat,

Wow, a two year old. A little unexpected, but that's cool. I've never spent a ton of time around kids, but I remember having fun when I was one. And I do want kids eventually.

Sorry about the organization thing. A hazard of my job. I spend all day either fixing other people's messy communications or working on ones for public consumption, so I guess it just sort of seeped into my brain. What brain there is, anyway. haha.

Don't believe everything you've been told about us musicians. Only the successful ones are in it for sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Not that I'm against at least 2 out of the 3. ;)

Cats, huh? Never been much of a cat person myself. I'd love to get a dog, but it just doesn't seem fair when I live in an apartment. Not enough room for a real dog (none of those little things that look like they're some kid's toy or a mop or something), plus I'm not home nearly often enough between work and playing the occasional gig and such. I tried a fish, but they are useless at fetch, and definitely no good for bringing the newspaper in or anything useful. Must be kinda hard working at a vet clinic though. All the sick animals and putting them to sleep. Definitely not something I could do.

And it might be cool to work on getting you out and doing fun things like movies or concerts or something. You could always come to one of my shows. If you wanted, that is.

Oh yeah. My name is Grant.


The End

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