Hey piano man!

Wow.  That's a lot of info for an introduction!  And well organized too!  Please pardon me if i'm a little more chaotic (it's a byproduct of living with a two year old daughter).  So you're a musician huh?  I've been warned about dating you guys!  But you sound nice enough.  I guess I'll give you a chance ;)

Yes, you read that right, I have a daughter.  That's a big STOP sign for some guys, so I thought I would mention it right off the bat.  She keeps me hopping, but my mom is really good about helping me out with her.  

So let's see... I guess I should give you some of the juicy details and answer those questions.  I'm 31, SWF, straight (obviously), don't smoke, pets- yes two adopted stray cats, occupation- I'm working in a veterinarians office.  I LOVE animals.  Puppydog eyes are a BIG turn-on ;)  

Haven't had much time for movies, fun or dating recently, so not much to tell there.  Maybe we can work on that!  

So what's your name piano man?  

You can call me Kat.

The End

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