8: The Delivery

  Winter had composed three detailed letters to send to her sisters. Each one contained the description of the plot and a persuasive paragraph. 

  The owls had been waiting for her arrival. When she had still been newly-christened Winter had always wondered how they knew she was going to be coming to the post. Back then she had had so much to say to her sisters. 

  The eldest owl was called Watchful. Her eyes were always so aware of the goings-on about her. Watchful's eyes landed on Winter. They narrowed, forming tiny black beads nestled into the snow-white body. It was as if she was saying, "What are you up to?" 

  "I assure you," Winter nodded to the owl, "that all I am doing is for the better of each and every one of us." 

  Watchful remained wary but allowed the Queen to place a scroll into her basket. Winter likewise placed a scroll into each basket of three younger owls.  "To my sisters," Winter commanded. "Fly." 

  And with that the four messengers took to the sky in a flurry of snowy feathers.


The End

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