7: The Finished Product

  Winter had not visited the Four Corners since she had said goodbye to her old home and set off on her way. The last day she saw her sisters. Why didn't she think of it before? The Four Corners were where the four seasons met, sprouting into a magnificent quad-seasoned tree in the middle. 

  Winter hurried to the message post. She only visited the Message Post Wall every month or so. Nothing ever happened and she didn't have anything to say to anyone else. But now Winter needed to send the Snow Owls to tell the other Queens of her plan. 

  This was what she had plotted : at the four corners each Queen would stand on the edge of their territory holding their vows. At the time that Winter and her sisters were chosen for the job of Queens of the Seasons they had had to read the rules and regulations for the role and sign a piece of paper. Then they wrote out on a separate sheet how they would fulfill their duties. These papers were known as the Sacred Vows. 

  Next, they would set the middle of the Quad-Seasoned Oak aflame and burn the papers. Each side of the oak would shrivel in color until they bore the same appearance in black and white. The Queens would take off their Royal Robes and hand them to their chosen "apprentice". Part of the plan was taking a risk that much the same as when they accepted their current roles, when the robes were placed upon them a new sheet of paper would appear with a golden-tipped pen. 

  They would write new vows and the Quad-Seasoned Oak would blossom again (hopefully) as each newly-christened Queen stepped into their new territory. 

  Risks would have to be taken, but if it meant freeing their minds to the new sun, the wind, color, Winter was sure they'd say yes. 

The End

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